Healing the Energy Points of the Body and Soul

November 2, 2017
Hosted by Daniel Solomon

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This week's lesson will break down a certain metaphysical concept that has been confusing to people over the years. Energy points are also known as "Chakra Points". Whatever you decide to call them, these points within the essence of all humans are very real. They can be better understood as different components of the Soul. Each of these 7 parts must be developed according to a specific pattern. Each of these points also correlate to specific organs and body parts. Many ailments and diseases are the direct result of under-developed "Soul Points". All children must be nurtured and raised appropriately in order for their Soul to fully mature. Many of us do not reach our life's potential because we are hampered by the damage created during childhood, when most of our Soul Centers were severely abused or neglected. Many today walk around every day with missing pieces of their soul, or with an under-developed soul that cannot fulfill the destiny and will of the Most High. How to heal.

Healing Treasures of Wisdom

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As we enter a critical time in human history, we must develop and evolve in all areas of life. It is up to us to pave the way for a prosperous and bright future. This future is possible, but will not come easy. Through Nutritional Balancing Science we can correct the many physical, biochemical, mental, and emotional ailments that are destroying us. By creating the right kinds of families, communities, and organizations we can restore our dying society. By healing ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally we will create a world in which we and our children enjoy peace, bliss, balance, happiness and harmony.

The health of the body is linked to the lifestyle choices of every person. Clear and understandable connections are drawn to certain disease conditions and their relation to particular lifestyles, thought patterns, and occupations. Not only is a holistic perspective utilized from a biochemical standpoint, but also a lifestyle and child rearing standpoint.

Daniel Solomon

Daniel Solomon is a man who is devoted to uplifting humanity through healing and evolving positively in the realms of biochemistry, mental, emotional, and spiritual stability, in addition to encouraging and networking with like-minded people to build the economic and financial power of our communities. We can create opportunities for our children to grow in health, in might, and in strength, both physically, and spiritually. Daniel has put together a masterpiece of relevant and tangible teachings and science that can be applied today to better your life, in the book Human Development Today and Beyond. Daniel is a proud father of two children, and has multiple clients who have experienced life changing positive results due to following a detailed Nutritional Balancing Program as taught by Dr. Paul Eck and Dr. Larry Wilson. Daniel has worked as a public-school teacher and an Army Infantry Officer. From these work positions, Daniel has realized that one of his missions on Earth is to help heal and rebuild society, one block at a time, starting with the children. By informing parents to the importance of proper pre-natal care and child rearing, we can change the direction of our society, and prepare the way for a better tomorrow. Daniel gives profound wisdom, insight, and understanding to the world, and is always looking for like-minded partners and sponsors to help fulfill the mission of making the world a better place for all people.

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