The Secrets to Better, More Restful Sleep

November 30, 2017
Hosted by Dr. Merle Griff

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Do you lie in bed at night, unable to fall asleep? Or do you fall asleep easily, only to wake up at 3am, wide awake? Are you tired and cranky, lacking energy? For some people, sleep comes easy. They lay their head down and are out like a light all night. For others, however, bedtime means a frustrating night of tossing and turning, only to steal an hour or two of unrefreshing rest. This routine is played out night after night in bedrooms everywhere, leaving millions of exasperated, exhausted people to ask, "What can I do to get some sleep?" Dr. Michael Breus, otherwise known around the world as "The Sleep Doctor," is back for another visit with Dr. Merle on Caught Between Generations. Dr. Breus will give us tips for getting a better night's sleep so we can wake up feeling good, ready to take on the day. Dr. Merle will take your live calls for Dr. Breus, so don't miss your chance to have questions answered by The Sleep Doctor.

Caught Between Generations

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More than 40 percent of people in their 40s and 50s have at least one living parent, and a child under the age of 21 for whom they are providing care and assistance. Most likely there is also a job, a house to run, groceries to buy and meals to get on the table. How can you cope with the massive demand on your time for love, attention, and decision-making skills?

We know it’s not easy but Caught Between Generations is here to help. We talk all things multi-generational, and provide practical tips you can use right now and in the long term to make your life less stressful.

Our program is a one-stop shop for information and resources for caregivers of multiple generations. If you are caring for children, grandchildren, spouse and/or parents, you do not have the time or the energy to search for all of the information that you need. Caught Between Generations will help you feel more peaceful, more organized and more informed with expert interviews with those in the know.

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Dr. Merle Griff

Merle Griff, PhD is an expert on caring for both children and aging parents. She has been an invited speaker at international and national conferences such as the World Congress on Family and Play Therapy. Dr. Griff has written extensively on intergenerational dynamics, including her book LinkAges, as well as numerous book chapters and articles on topics such as The Influence of Grandparents in Family Systems, and developed therapeutic techniques for use with multi-generational families.

Dr. Griff is the founder and CEO of SarahCare Senior Solutions ( SarahCare provides creative solutions for seniors that helps them to remain in their home and with their families. Prior to founding SarahCare, Dr. Griff was a therapist in community mental health centers working with children and their families and extended families.

Dr. Griff is a wife, mother and grandmother. She took her mother into her own home to care for her following a very dense stroke, and is passionate about providing help for others in similar situations.

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