IoT Soaring in Asia: Hollow Hype or Tangible Trend?

March 21, 2018
Hosted by Bonnie D. Graham

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The buzz: “The Internet of Things may be mostly nascent in Asia-Pacific, but the growth potential is meteoric for Asia IoT” ( With 8.6+ billion things connected via IoT and a US$583B market opportunity by 2020 (IDC), businesses are cashing in with diverse applications: connected cars, smart energy management, healthcare, predictive maintenance, home automation. Our new series explores the impact of technology in APJ. The experts speak. Matt Chan, SAP: “My Mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get” (Forrest Gump). Gaurav Goel, Deloitte: “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse” (Walt Disney). Ash Pujari, SAP: “The Berlin Wall wasn't the only barrier to fall after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. Traditional barriers to the flow of money, trade, people and ideas also fell” (Fareed Zakaria). Join us for IoT Soaring in Asia: Hollow Hype or Tangible Trend?

Asia Soaring with APJ Game-Changers, Presented by SAP

Wednesday at 5 PM Pacific Time/8 PM Eastern Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

We have come a long way on the highway of Digital Business Transformation. Most businesses have transitioned from the mental framework wherein the digital journey was considered a nice-to-have, to accepting it as a must-have.

As technology advances, people, business, and things are increasingly getting interconnected.

This confluence of technological connectivity is brewing new disruptive technologies, radically changing business models, and creating product and service innovations.

To survive in this new order, business organizations must embrace these disruptions.

But what does it take to become an intelligent, digital business? And what opportunities lie ahead in this era of digitization?

Join host Bonnie D. Graham as she invites you to take an additional coffee break with game-changers for our special series on how technology trends are shaking-up and shaping-up business in Asia.

Tune in for Asia Soaring with APJ Game-Changers, Presented by SAP, on the Business Channel.

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Bonnie D. Graham

Bonnie D. Graham has been producing and hosting live talk radio since 1998. In 2011, working at the enterprise software leader SAP, she successfully created, produced and hosted the weekly “Coffee Break with Game-Changers” business thought leadership roundtable radio series. Over the next eight years, she developed 45 additional series that attracted millions of listeners around the world. Since becoming an independent broadcaster in 2019, she has also been engaged by other global enterprises to develop and host their radio and podcast series. What powers Bonnie’s passion for radio? She “loves speaking with smart people!”

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