June 14, 2018
Hosted by Alma Phillips

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Episode Description

We are never alone. A mixture of high souls and ascended masters surround the earth offering comfort and assistance. We have free will and high souls will never interfere with that, as a result we much ask for help or invite them to come close. When we can relax and trust we can experience their energy through our psychic senses and ESP. Practice in communicating with these high souls will result in more clarity and an increased confidence in every aspect of our lives. We have a personal team of Angels that came to work with us in this incarnation, high souls working for the highest good of mankind on earth and many, many other Angels involved in healing mankind, the earth, and relationships of every kind. Learn how you can you can tell if Angelic beings are near you or trying to communicate with you in your everyday life on the planet.

Center for Tranquility

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Receive the keys to feeling complete within yourself, a goal each of us has on some level, whether we are aware of it or not. We try all kinds of things: Relationships, Drugs, Sports, Shopping, Self Help Programs, Religions, Medicine etc., and still many of us feel like we are missing the boat, and we are. We need to find an inner pivot, a place of tranquility that we can center ourselves in at any given moment. From this center, problems always have solutions as we are free to move out thinking to a new level of awareness.

The show is a message of hope. Understanding we are energy and that we can become master of it, is key to living a life of limitless possibilities.

Americans at large have not been given the facts of life on planet earth and tend to operate from the small picture of ourselves as flawed humans when we are actually powerful spirits capable of aligning with the Universal Laws of the Cosmos.

Alma Phillips

While driving on a local interstate in 2010 Alma Phillips felt her vehicle hit something. She looked around to find herself alone on the highway, the road clear of any obstacles and moving at 70 miles per hour. The thought that came to her was “Maybe I have just died and returned to life.” What? She asked herself where that thought had come from? Within days, while in meditation, Alma was told that she had completed her life’s purpose and that she was free to leave the earth and come back in a new body, or stay on the earth and get a new life. As you may guess, she decided to stay around to stay here now.

Alma Phillips is a strong intuitive and travels the US presenting courses and lectures on a variety of metaphysical subjects of which she is both self-taught and professionally trained. She delights in sharing techniques and hands on experiences that allow others to take charge of their own lives. Her ability to laugh at herself as she shares her experiences of learning and growing provide a relaxed space for inspiration and healing.

Alma is a Professional Spiritual Instructor for Wayshowers College, Ordained Minister for Peace Community Church, Past Life Regression Facilitator and Medium.

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