Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within with Heidi-Marie Ferren

August 4, 2018
Hosted by Holly Shaw

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Heidi-Marie Ferren is a singer/actress, writer/spokesperson who has played Wonder Woman on HBO’s hit T.V. show “Bored to Death” and also served our Armed Forces across the globe as Miss USO. I caught up with her at Digital Hollywood where we talked about her latest project involving female driven content called, “Woman Enough,” and stories from her service as Miss USO. Heidi models how to show up in service yet also how to be brave and break the rules. The Women In Hollywood:Warriors from Within series is a collection of short and powerful profiles of women doing great work in Hollywood entertainment from interviews I did while broadcasting live from the Digital Hollywood event in May 2018.

Performers & Creators Lab

Performers & Creators Lab

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Performing artists are the imagination mavericks, creative pioneers, and shamans of today and here you’ll discover the inspiration and expertise to find your edge and explore greatness.

Host Holly Shaw, a Bestselling Author and Creativity Coach to Emmy award winning and Grammy nominated artists, includes spotlight coaching sessions and conversations with artists and experts, as she shares her wisdom from a lifetime of performing, as a former SAG actor, dancer, choreographer and director, invoking an inspiring atmosphere that’s overthrowing the stereotype of the starving artist one episode at a time.

Covering an array of topics, from the more esoteric like sex and creativity or shamanic performance techniques, to the more down-to-earth, like how to overcome stage fright, creative blocks, and promote yourself as an artist, there is constant reinforcement of the idea that a creative mind, opened to its own genius, has the power to change the world.

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Holly Shaw

Holly Shaw

Holly Shaw, is a Bestselling Author and Creativity Coach who has helped hundreds of artists, some of them Emmy Award winning and Grammy nominated, to overcome performance anxiety, impostor syndrome and creative blocks. As a former SAG actor, and professional dancer, she’s spent a lifetime on film, TV, and on stages all over the world, starring in an ABC Afterschool special at 16, hosting the Festival Revue TV show during the Edinburgh Arts Festival, dancing with an internationally renowned flamenco dance company for several years, and finally directing and producing her own dance theatre choreography and founding the non-profit arts organization, the Eve’s Elixir Project.

Shaw has spent the last fifteen years dedicating herself to the field of the healing arts, personal development and human potential becoming a coach and a Certified Hypnotherapist so that she can be better equipped to help and empower performing artists. She has become one of the leading experts in creativity and performance anxiety and gives workshops all over the country at universities and places like the Screen Actors Guild Conservatory.

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