The Power of Thriving Through Sales

March 26, 2019
Hosted by Kathryn Wilking

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Have you ever felt off balance, trying to sell? Perhaps, even feel uncomfortable - like you're a fraud or too sleazy and aggressive. The word ‘sales’ often goes against the grain; women especially hate feeling salesy or pushy. The reality is that we are selling all the time: recommending restaurants, stores and movies to our friends. So, what’s up? The awkward truth is that every business needs income; we need sales in order to survive. If you can re-frame the sales-program, to that of service, you can get excited and FEEL GOOD about the results! Our Guest this week, Wendy Terriff, is also known as the Wealth Whisperer! She shows us how ‘sales’ can be an invitational process; having a need and finding solutions. Do you wish to grow your business with grace and ease? There are people waiting for exactly what you have to offer… Join us for 'The Power of Thriving Through Sales' on Tues March 26th at 10am pacific/1pm eastern on the Empowerment Channel.

Practical Solutions for Life

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Practical Solutions for Life is about taking charge and creating solutions to maneuver though life’s challenges. Life is full of changes: from marriage and raising children, getting ahead in a company, or saving for retirement. All require a plan, yet, many people are simply too stressed or uncertain about their future. Feng Shui uncovers the problem areas that can distract us from making good, sound decisions. From Chaos to Prosperity, The Feng Shui principles Kathryn teaches are practical, ethical, and they work!

Each week, Kathryn picks a topic from a major concern in society such as wealth, health or relationships. She’ll feature an invited guest, a short lesson and offer solutions that work; you CAN take charge of your personal journey through life! Let’s get your space working for you.

Kathryn Wilking

Kathryn Wilking loves color! She has decades of experience consulting in the Decorating and Home Improvement industries, including colour therapy, space planning, and Feng Shui. Kathryn brings a full blend of knowledge to all her clients and now, you. She’s a Professional Member of the International Feng Shui Guild, and, can help you move from Chaos to Prosperity!

Kathryn works with Home Owners and Small Businesses to find harmony in each situation; from setting up an office, to finding a compatible partner. Kathryn delivers practical solutions for life’s up and downs. She teaches people to take charge of their day through lively workshops, inspiring talks and through publications; check out her monthly newsletter, “The Art of Balance,” and her book “Practical Feng Shui for the Office.”

Kathryn first pursued Feng Shui in 1998, shortly after a new marriage and having the need to blend two families together. Feng Shui revealed the hidden messages behind colors, shapes and images that could either help or hinder this new life change. She found it to be a tool that enhanced her life with abundance. While embracing Feng Shui in her private life, Kathryn extends these same principles in her business, relationships and finances. She creates a personal profile for each client; relating how to maneuver through life’s challenges with grace and cultivate abundance.

Her message: Life is all about choices; let’s get your space working for you.

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