I is for Inches

October 17, 2019
Hosted by Dr Lori Beth Bisbey

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Does size matter? Today we are talking about size in all its forms... penis size, vagina size, body size... what is it about size that is such an issue when it comes to sexual intimacy.

The A to Z of Sex

Thursday at 11 AM Pacific Time/2 PM Eastern Time on VoiceAmerica Health Channel

I explore the A to Z of Sex and everything in between. Learning your erotic A, B, C’s is fun! Topics covered include arousal to bisexuality to BDSM to monogamy to polyamory. I uncover taboos and provide outside the box solutions to intimate issues. All genders, orientations and desires are welcome. My guests join me to explore all aspects of sex and relationships. We debunk myths, look at trends and set some trends of our own.

On the show I use a combination of special guests including experts and ordinary individuals with experience of the issues we discuss. Please call in to the Q and A segment or submit your questions in advance via email. The only stupid question is the question that is not asked, go ahead, ask whatever you like! I guarantee that at least a dozen other people have the same question you have and are too embarrassed to ask. Each week I give you some tips, tricks and teach skills that will help you to create the sex life you have always desired.

Dr Lori Beth Bisbey

I am a clinical psychologist, sex and intimacy coach. I have been working with individuals, couples, groups for over 30 years to help them create and sustain their ideal intimate relationships. I am kink and polyamory knowledgeable. I work with all genders, sexualities. I have expertise helping people heal from trauma, moving beyond survivor mode and back into life. I provide therapy, coaching, events, workshops online, in real life to help my clients gain and maintain relationships that suit them best.

Since 2016 I’ve hosted the A to Z of Sex podcast and Sex Spoken Here podcast, now vlog. I am a professional speaker covering relationships with sexuality from A to Z worldwide.

My websites host blogs covering topics from how to support a child who has just come out as transgender to what to do if your partner wants you to open up your relationship to healing from vaginismus. I write for Yourtango.com, Scarlet LadiesUK and am featured on PsychCentral, Prevention, and others. I have two books out: Rites of Passage and the other on treatment of PTSD. My third book is in production.

I am bisexual, married to a bisexual man. We are polyamorous, and in an authority transfer based BDSM relationship. My mission: Taking sex and conversations about sex from the shadows to the light. Join me to explore the erotic alphabet from A to Z. Whether you resonate with alternative lifestyles or a traditional one, you deserve an authentic intimate life.

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