Men’s Panel: Non Monogamy for Men from Men 3.0

December 13, 2019
Hosted by Taara Rose and James

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Episode Description

On our show this week James takes over the mics and hosts his own show. He invited three men from our local community to have a general discussion about men in non-monogamy and the Lifestyle in general. They touch on the fact that everyone on the show has a considerable amount of experience when it comes to the Lifestyle and discuss the noticed changes in themselves, their relationships and the community. They also touch on their experiences with running into people from their vanilla life and share stories and advice on how to navigate these types of situations. They then shift over to talking about the topics that were brought up during the Men Discussion at Young Swingers Week October 2019 that James hosted. Tune in now, you won’t want to miss this insightful episode!

Sex Uninterrupted with Taara and James

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Are you curious to know what a consensual non monogamous relationship looks like? Did you know more people are discovering these types of relationships everyday? Interested to know if it’s for you?

Sex Uninterrupted with Taara and James brings this topic to the forefront of the conversation to the as they open up and share what alternative love looks like for them. Join this young, funny, sexy couple as they share what they know, interview awesome guests and bring a fresh perspective to relationships, sex and dating. Learn more, get support and have fun as you discover the concept of relationship by design.

Taara Rose and James

We are Taara and James, the creators of Sex Uninterrupted! We are in our early thirties and have been in an open, non-monogamous relationship since we started dating in 2013. As sexual and experimental young adults we often felt misunderstood by mainstream society. Meeting each other shattered everything we thought about “normal” relationships. Maneuvering our way through non-monogamy transformed our view on sexuality, relationships and sex!

We both have dedicated a large portion of our lives towards expanding our sexual horizons and studying more. We are not psychologists, certified therapist or doctors. We simply want to help others evolve to passionate non-monogamous relationships and gain more intimacy, authenticity and openness.

We love what we do with Sex Uninterrupted and we are so grateful to have a creative outlet for our energy, thoughts and ideas. Contributing to the Swinger Lifestyle (LS) community brings us so much joy and we are in awe with how much it has grown these last few years. We are a passionate, spiritual, intimate couple and you are truly experiencing the essence of us in our content.

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