Your body talks Are you listening?

February 11, 2020
Hosted by Karla D. Walker

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Episode Description

As humans, we believe we will live forever. So it should come at no surprise when we begin feeling the effects of how we live. The body is a miracle in real time. Think about it. It houses our vital organs, it moves, it stretches, it produces other life and more. There’s so many things that we don’t know about it. There’s so much we can learn about how the body recovers from injuries, illnesses, and how it works to sustain our lifestyles. We all should know more about our bodies and how it works. Remember the human body is our temple. We should treat it with respect and listen to it when it tells us there’s something wrong. I know from experience that if you don’t listen to your body and take the appropriate action, it will let you know the impact of your decision. This episode is about listening to your body, determining what it needs to sustain a healthy lifestyle, the growing importance of self care and the tools and resources available to you.

From the Inside Out

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Have you sometimes wondered what’s your purpose? How do some people seem to make all the right moves? Do you feel stuck and unsure? If you’re really ready to pursue your dreams and need a little direction you don’t want to miss this show on unlocking passion.

Join Karla D. Walker as she encourages you to look within yourself to find the answers that you need. The core message of this interactive show is that what you need to be your best self personally or in business is inside of you waiting to get out. You just need to believe in your abilities and take action. Of course, there are times when we need a little help, guidance, inspiration or push to get started. Karla and her guests share stories, different perspectives and experiences, that will provide insight, guidance, motivation and inspiration toward action. If you are ready start the journey, have the tough conversations, try something different, and do the work, we want you to join us “From the Inside Out.”

Karla D. Walker

Karla D. Walker listens with compassion, without judgement, speaks directly with heart, and helps people work through the simplest to most difficult challenges. She was raised by her great aunts to believe there was nothing she couldn’t do. So, when people told her no, that fueled her spirit to ask, why not and then prove them wrong. That belief allowed her to gain a wide range of experiences that she has drawn on all her life. Coupled with a strong desire to learn and a fearlessness to try something different or new, her preparation afforded her many opportunities. But what kept calling her was a passion to work with people to help them become their best selves. Her common sense, intuition, personal life experiences and internal compass have guided, directed, saved her and put her on this path.

Karla is a certified coach, with focuses in life, leadership, and health. She has over 30 years of experience in Human Resource and Talent Management environment with Fortune 500 and 300 companies. She has also worked both internally as an employee and externally as a consultant working for corporations and government.

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