We Are All Independents!

December 4, 2020
Hosted by Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)

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All voters in our country are, or should be, independents! That is the mantra of our wonderful and successful guest, Governor Gary Johnson, who was the Libertarian candidate for President in 2012 (with your host as his VP running mate) and in 2016. What would our country look like had he/we been elected? Transparency and financial responsibility at all levels of the federal government, facing problems directly and openly, as he did as Governor of New Mexico, listening to people about their problems and suggestions, and getting the government out of areas it doesn't belong, like healthcare and education. As Governor Johnson describes it, he is a "stickler for the truth," and he would have gotten knowledgeable and forthright people into his cabinet, and listened to them! As he said when he asked me to be his running mate, "Jim, feel free to disagree with me publicly during the campaign, but tell people what my position is too, and be sure you're right." Join us and be refreshed!

All Rise! The Libertarian Way with Judge Jim Gray

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“All Rise! The Libertarian Way with Judge Jim Gray” will set forth some of the problem areas in our country, with interesting, experienced and knowledgeable guests. Judge Gray and his guests will provide some practical and workable solutions that benefit virtually everyone in our country except many vested interests. We will learn that there really are Libertarian solutions to many of our problems, including our healthcare, justice and educational systems, national security, dispute resolution, problems with over-incarceration, civil liberties, homelessness, mental health, creating jobs and mentoring our youth!

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)

Judge Jim Gray was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Palmar Norte, Costa Rica, a Criminal Defense Attorney with Navy JAG Corps, a Federal Prosecutor in Los Angeles and a 25-year Veteran Trial Court Judge in Orange County, California. Judge Gray was the 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President, along with New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson (In Jim’s words, “We came in third, although I acknowledge it was a distant third.”). Judge Gray is married with four children, including a son from Danang, Vietnam that Jim adopted in 1973. Judge Gray is the author of “Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed, and What We Can Do About It,” “Wearing the Robe: The Art and Responsibilities of Judging in Today’s Courts,” and “A Voter’s Handbook, Effective Solutions to America’s Problems.” He is also the composer of two musicals, “Americans All,” which helps to mentor our junior high and high school students, and “Convention: The Birth of America,” which is about our country’s 1787 Constitutional Convention. Judge Gray has also been awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by the Western State College of Laws and by the Law School at Chapman University, and the Constitutional Rights Foundation of Orange County annually awards its “Judge of the Year” Award in the name of Judge James P. Gray.

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