Introduction to The Human Contract

May 10, 2021
Hosted by Maria Dolores of Scandinavia

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Episode Description

Welcome! This is the introduction from our host Maria Dolores of Scandinavia. She talks about the human contract - how we have both rights and responsibilites.

The Human Contract

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The show THE HUMAN CONTRACT is all about our human rights and human responsibilities. It is leadership for all humans. It is meant to be free of religious or partisan biases. The contract is made up of seven principles that are based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In early episodes I expose unvarnished examples from my own life, and learnings. In later programs, we have guest experts and topics related to these seven principles.

The seven underlying principles of The Human Contract are: our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions, our expression and communication, our movements, our lives, and, finally, our collective rights and responsibilities. By understanding and living the principles in The Human Contract we evolve as humans and humanity. We are living POWER TO THE PEOPLE and empowerment to us!

The Human Contract is to be accountable as a human, for yourself, by yourself and for the world. Join us for new programs.

Maria Dolores of Scandinavia

Maria is the founder of The Human Contract. She is a Swedish Human Resource expert, humanitarian and leadership consultant. Maria has trained management teams in crises management, successfully worked with cultural development and change. She is a social entrepreneur and has written several books on topics of life matters and leadership.

Over 10 years ago Maria had difficult challenges facing her mother’s death and a traumatic divorce, where her ex-husband a year later died from a brain tumor. Maria reflected on life, and our human rights and human responsibilities, thoughts that led to The Human Contract.

Maria is certified in grief recovery and has worked with casketing and as a funeral representative. She has casketed over 1200 people, of different ages and walks of life, and works with almost all religions, with the same dignity and respect for each human. Her rational approach is about leadership, here and now in this life, taking responsibility with love for self and other people.

Maria lives and talks about equality and health for every human being, the need to understand and end suppression in every aspect. Her scope is on personal health, interpersonal relationships and civil courage, aiming for individual accountability, empowerment and uniting humans.

Maria lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her daughter. Her upcoming book "The Human Contract,” is planned for publication at the end of 2021.

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