Recording the Art of Americana: Who Mourns the Eternal Star?

November 24, 2021
Hosted by Nav. C with Co-Host Nav.M

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We begin this episode with a short introduction on the Canadian born icon and musical legend Leonard Cohen. A truly towering figure in the realm of literature and song writing who brought clarity and insight to fans and critics alike. His artistic achievements are remarkable: Over the course of his life Cohen published twelve books, ten poetry collections; He released fourteen studio albums during a recording career which spanned five decades and was inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2008 Cohen was also a definitive Americana artist, arguably writing some of his most influential music in a remote area of Nashville. The theme of Americana is closely linked to our special guest, Sue Moreno (Singer-Entertainer). Not only was Cohen, one of her earliest musical inspirations but she too has a solid grounding in Americana, which she established early in her career. She also incorporates a variety of other music styles to her repertoire such as country, gospel, jazz and vintage pop. We discuss the release of her new album, “The Memphis Soul Sessions–Songs of love and Faith” released on November 1 2021. It is a very personal record written on a deeply spiritual level, in which she shares her feelings about love and faith. The result is a statement album with an undeniable message, coming straight from the heart. Throughout the interview we use Leonard Cohen as a context to explore lyrical themes in her album, concerning love & faith, hope and despair, while analyzing overlapping life experiences from Cohen. We plot her journey since 2019, returning to the United States to record her new album, amidst a period of personal loss and crisis. We gain a better understanding of where she stands today as a recording artist and her view of this particular stage of her career. We explore the creative process of this unique, multi-talented artist drawing insights and comparisons from the legendary Cohen. We ask: whether creativity is a path shrouded in mystery, her thoughts on the process to achieve perfection and delve into the hidden concept of inspiration. We also venture untrodden paths regarding the contemporary era of the music industry which has changed fundamentally since the 2000’s. The Internet has revolutionized the way we create and consume music. Indeed, it has created new power structures removing the control once held by major record labels and shifting it to the consumer. We discuss the inherent inequities created by powerful streaming platforms such as Spotify. Also, the rise of visually dominant platforms such as Instagram and Tik-Tok which are designed for instant gratification via captivating content. But most importantly the loss of touring and live events which represent an artist’s biggest source of revenue due to Covid events. We conclude with the abiding message of Leonard Cohen that everything is essentially imperfect and new beginnings are achieved only by confronting the brokenness of things.

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