Ep.1464: Pregnancy Loss and Ep.1465: Death with Dignity

May 25, 2022
Hosted by Kathryn Zox

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Kathryn interviews Author Frieda Hoffman. Upon discovering that so many other women had experienced miscarriage but had never felt comfortable sharing it, certified coach Frieda Hoffman felt not only betrayed by and furious with the patriarchy that made them feel ashamed, but also a profound sense of sadness that women seem to be made to suffer in silence. Shame and silence beget shame and silence, but Hoffman saw the opportunity to break that by sharing that essential affirmation that we are not alone—in our experience of loss, infertility, healing, uncertainty, longing for catharsis, or mindset. She is a transformative coach and mediator, creative consultant, and entrepreneur with a passion for supporting women and courageous leadership. She holds an MA in social work and conflict management from Berlin’s Alice Salomon University and a dual BA in psychology and anthropology from Johns Hopkins University.Kathryn also interviews Author Joanne Tubbs Kelly. It is no secret, we have to make some tough decisions with regard to loved ones health and care as they age. As more and more states legalize medical aid in dying, the conversation surrounding America’s healthcare system and the choice to end suffering is growing. Joanne Kelly chronicles her journey coming to terms with her kind, funny husband’s terminal illness and his quest to decide what his death looks like, despite her desire to keep him alive. Alan and Joanne marry in midlife and live a happily-ever-after existence until, at sixty-nine, Alan is diagnosed with a rare, fatal, neurodegenerative illness. As he becomes increasingly disabled and dependent on others, and decreasingly able to find joy in life, he decides he wants to end his suffering using Colorado’s Medical Aid in Dying law. Tender and heartfelt, this is one woman’s story about loving extravagantly—and being loved in kind.

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Kathryn Zox

Kathryn Zox is your social worker with a microphone™. She has been producing and hosting The Kathryn Zox Show Lunchtime Talk in Albany, NY for over five years and is excited about bringing her show from the capital of NY State to the Nation's Capital. She has also recently been a co-host and featured life expert on Doug Stephan's syndicated Good Day Show. Kathryn's interviewed thousands of guests including lifestyle experts, celebrities, authors, lawyers, psychiatrists, physicians and dieticians. At Albany Medical College she has trained doctors and medical students to communicate effectively with their patients. She's an actor who can be seen on the Sopranos and Law and Order and even admits to modeling for AARP! She has Masters' Degrees in Social Work and Counseling Psychology and is a graduate of the New School of Radio and Television. Much background for her show comes from traveling the world and raising three boys now in their twenties - a rock star, an actor and a film maker. There's also one ex-husband, one boyfriend, two brothers and an aging mom!

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