Natural treatments for pain, chronic fatigue and stomachs

March 10, 2023
Hosted by Jason West

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Episode Description

Welcome to our radio show featuring one of America's most sought-after healers, Dr. Jason West. In this episode, we're excited to dive into natural pain supplements, how to increase energy naturally, and natural treatments to improve stomach health, digestion, constipation, and diarrhea. Dr. West has been practicing natural healing for over two decades and has helped countless individuals achieve optimal health through his integrative approach. He has a wealth of knowledge on the benefits of natural pain supplements and how they can effectively alleviate pain without the harmful side effects of traditional pain medication. If you're looking for ways to increase your energy naturally, Dr. West will share his expert tips and advice on how to do so. From simple lifestyle changes to incorporating natural supplements, he'll provide you with the tools you need to boost your energy levels and feel your best. In addition, Dr. West will discuss natural treatments to improve stomach health, including digestion, constipation, and diarrhea. He understands the importance of a healthy gut and will provide valuable insights into how to achieve optimal digestive health using natural remedies. If you're looking to improve your overall health and wellness naturally, this is the show for you. Tune in to hear from America's healer, Dr. Jason West, and discover the power of natural healing.

America's Healer - Dr. Jason West

Fridays at 12PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

America’s Healer with Dr Jason West breaks down the barriers to healing by challenging the accepted medical treatments for chronic illness and disease. Included are stories of hope, why we get sick and problems with the current medical and insurance system. With patient success stories and interviewing doctors that truly help people, This show will help you find a difference maker and healer and how to select doctors to help you take control of your health. Laced with patient success stories a discussion of the cutting edge treatments such as nerve reboot therapy, high dose Vitamin C, ozone, chronic pain treatments and the latest medical literature. This totally unique radio show addresses diseases from a whole new perspective and provides choices for diseases like Lyme, viral infections, parasites, arthritis, stomach problems, peripheral neuropathy, and bone on bone arthritis. It delivers for a recipe for a healthy vibrant lifestyle.

Jason West

Dr Jason West runs the world-renowned clinic in Pocatello, Idaho and has patients from every state and from every continent. The West Clinic was started in 1916 and celebrates 100+ years of practice with four generations of doctors and six generations of patients. Dr West attended the Southern California University of Health Sciences and was awarded the Outstanding Senior Award (from students) and the Presidential Leadership award from the President. In 2012 and in 2016, Dr Jason West was awarded the Idaho Chiropractor of the Year Award. Dr West has been relentless in furthering his education. He completed a fellowship in Oriental Medicine, a Diplomate in nutrition and a second doctorate as a Naturopathic Doctor. He uses his diverse educational background andother health care providers (MD, NP, DC, ND, and LAc) at the West Clinic to develop comprehensive treatment plans for all diseases. If it’s not an emergency like a heart attack, baby delivery, or surgery, chances are the West Clinic is treating someone with your symptom, diagnosis or condition. They have had excellent results and publish some of the patient outcomes on a digital blog called, For more information about clinical treatments or to contact the West Clinic, go to Dr West is a published author in the scientific literature on headaches. He also has several books, 2 of which include Hidden Secrets to Curing Your Chronic Disease, a #1 Amazon Best Seller.

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