July 5, 2023

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Too many women struggle with overeating, yo-yo weight loss (and gain), and emotional eating and are blaming themselves for “not trying hard enough.” Pushing yourself harder when you’re using the wrong approach isn’t helpful. Join Dr. Melissa McCreery and YogaLean author Beth Shaw as we do a deep dive into emotional eating, Hidden Hungers, and what it really takes to break vicious cycles with emotional eating and overeating. Learn why overeating is such a common response for smart, busy women, why willpower isn’t the answer, and how to start transforming your relationship with food so it doesn’t have so much power in your life.

Make America Healthy

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Are you tired of feeling overweight, toxic, tired, heavy, slow and sluggish? Have you lost your energy, drive and motivation? Want to make changes but not sure how to feel good again? Lacking knowledge and desire to be healthy and manage your weight and health? Make America Healthy focuses on practical solutions for you to live your best life and be the best version of you. Topics will include weight loss, addiction, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety solutions, cures, mindfulness and more. Expert guests include health practitioners, psychologists, biohackers, holistic practitioners and REAL people providing real easy solutions. Reclaim your health, lose weight, get fit, maintain your emotional state at the highest level and learn to be happy again on every level. Yes it’s true – you can get stronger, more fit and more mentally balanced at ANY AGE. With a 50% Obesity rate in the US and more unhealthy people than ever before – it's time to MAKE AMERICA HEALTHY ! We promise to empower you with practical tools to take control of your physical, emotional and mental health.

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