Claiming Your Crown

August 31, 2023
Hosted by Jessica Jones

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Episode Description

In this episode of Get Powered Up, host Jessica Jones interviews Danyel Nicole Black, the founder and CEO of Crown Me Foundation. Danyel shares her passion for service and empowering others to live healthier and more prosperous lives by helping them navigate various aspects of relationships in love, business, and day-to-day interactions. In addition, the episode emphasizes the importance of women and girls learning how to advocate for themselves and set boundaries with love and assertiveness. They discuss the tendency for women to suppress their own feelings and prioritize the feelings of others, but emphasizes that this is neither healthy nor sustainable. Instead, they encourage women and girls to be their own self-advocates. They also highlight the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who support our boundaries. They explain that healthy relationships involve individuals who respect and enforce our boundaries. They also discuss Danyel's journey towards completing her PhD in education and leadership, what keeps teachers motivated, and the absence of social courses in school curriculums, specifically focusing on the lack of education on how to be human, express emotions, and connect with others. Tune in to learn more about the mission of the Crown Me Foundation and the positive impact it is making in the lives of women and girls.

Get POWERED Up with Jessica Jones

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Get POWERED Up with Jessica Jones focuses on life in the driver's seat of a small business in the 21st century. From my favorite softwares to my thoughts on the current socioeconomic climate of the world around me, join me as we explore day-to-day life as a small business owner. We’re often given the advice of CPAs and Tax Professionals, but what's equally valuable is a Professional CFO, a tool most small and micro businesses don't have the luxury of accessing! We'll discuss accounting topics like "How To Actually Read Your Financial Statements" and "How to Make Your CPA Love You", management topics like "When To Fire A Toxic Client", and technology topics like "Why I Heart Excel", "Vanquishing Your Inbox Anxiety", and bringing it all back to how these things relate to your business and the world around us. My goal is to leave my listeners with a thought-provoking perspective on the way their businesses fit into the landscape of society.

Jessica Jones

Jessica’s personal expertise is centered around providing a wide range of back office services. Prior to venturing out on her own in 2017, she spent three years working in public accounting, and learned invaluable skills needed to operate a spectrum of clients, from multi-million-dollar organizations down to sole proprietorships. Her time working for a disaster recovery nonprofit provided her with a deep working knowledge of nonprofit and fund accounting, and her later experience in public accounting expanded her skill-set to an immense catalog of industry knowledge. She thrives in an environment of constant growth, and enjoys improving a process and then managing the well-oiled machine. While she enjoyed the variety of projects she encountered in public accounting, she prefers the hands-on management approach of being able to direct her own clients. Jessica firmly believes that client success is her success. Therefore, while focusing on delivering the number-crunching financial services that you expect, she aims to deliver hidden value – and those “light bulb” ideas to promote continuous improvement. She will always strive to unlock potential through critical thinking, innovative solutions, hard work, and know-how. When she’s not superhero-ing, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, walking the levee, playing old video games, wrangling her dogs (Nola and Kaia), and honing her karaoke skills.

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