November 6, 2023
Hosted by Elizabeth Monroy

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On November 8, 2023 the timelines are splitting into two very different realities. One where those who choose will awaken from the illusion that we are these fragmented finite puzzle pieces and step into a greater reality of truth that we are ALL ONE. We will feel deeper since of freedom connection love and purpose in our lives. Abundance, radiant health, and loving relationships will grow and we will find a deeper meaning to our existence as we work together to serve the One. We shall feel the shackles of the 3D finite illusion shatter as we allow more infinite light to enter our being. This will be the reality of those who choose the KRYSTALA SPIRAL of life resetting us to Infinite Source. The other the descending Fibonacci Spiral of death. timeline things will become increasingly worse. Those who hold onto fear, pain, grief, and anger refusing to forgive, love themselves and heal. Those who choose to continue in the illusion of their finite fragmented identity.Those who would continue in greed, parasitizing off of others thinking only of themselves and their gain will have their free will honored and spiral down into phantom fallen realms. Their reality will become more and more wrought with poverty consciousness, fear, isolation and despair to help them to better know the pain of feeling separate from an infinite source and hopefully change their path. Perhaps many of you have been preparing for this monumental time in our Earth’s History. Perhaps friends, colleagues, and family members have fallen away as you pursued your new life path. Perhaps you find yourself alone now having experienced any dark nights of the soul flushing out your past so you would be poised and ready for this magnificent new beginning! This is the moment you have been waiting for! This is the time foretold in most every ancient culture: This is the Time when the meek will inherit the Earth! When the Rainbow will make the Mother Earth green again! We will be able to plant our. star seeds and see them grow!

The Infinite Human Talk Show

Monday at 9 AM PST on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

The is emerging on the face of the Earth a new Human and infinite Human and that human is you! Join Elizabeth Monroy weekly for discussions, activations, meditations and visualizations with other blossoming infinite human beings who are shifting the old paradigms of our broken finite, fragmented, corrupted 3D Earth and alchemizing it into a more infinite, expansive, unified reality by reclaiming their true divine infinite power as the co-creators of the new infinite Earth. We will be discussing topics that help individuals to evolve physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially and socially shedding the old finite Earth paradigms and belief systems. We will be interviewing guests, having enlightening conversations and co -creating a new consciousness renaissance so people can find their own soul- utions to many problems our world is NOW facing from within and BE THE CHANGE by seeing, being and living life from a higher perspective of knowing WE ARE ALL ONE!

Elizabeth Monroy

Elizabeth Monroy is an International Author, Talk Show Host, Film Director, Producer, Intuitive Life Coach, Visionary and New Earth Co Creator. Her spiritual books support humanity’s ascension process including Children’s books, Romance Novels and her latest book, The Infinite Human, an Ascension Guide for Awakening Infinite Human Beings, the Co-creators of the Infinite New Earth. She holds a Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling and has traveled the planet with her husband, Peter Monroy a physician, laying a foundation for a higher modality of divine inner healing which they wrote about in their book The Pathway Home. Elizabeth has worked within the educational system for years and frustrated by the lack of creativity and independent thought, she moved to Florence, Italy where she founded The Infinite Human School for Visionaries of the New Consciousness Renaissance. Elizabeth now lives in a villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Sicily with Kiki her Pomeranian dog and Peter, her twin soul though no longer in the physical is always with her in spirit. They travel the planet giving speaking engagements, workshops, esoteric tours and co-creating New Earth Communities to support our Mother Earth and humanity's shift from the dark HIS-tory of Earth to OUR-STORY as we reset to the Infinite!

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