Encore Effortlessly Manifesting What You Need for Your Life

April 10, 2024
Hosted by Michael and Raphaelle Tamura

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Overworked and overwhelmed? Have you been not only working too hard, but also trying too hard? Ever think, “Keep trying harder”? That may sound necessary to make it through boot camp, but is trying hard against all odds the way to live your daily life? Can you hope to fulfill your purpose in life that way? Not at all. You’ll only end up overworked and overwhelmed! Commitment and perseverance are all-important in manifesting anything in life. Yet, they don’t mean you have to be in effort. When you’re trying too hard to get something done, you’re going against what you’re afraid will prevent you from having it, rather than keeping your sight on where you’re going. Creativity needs to flow into an open space, but if you direct it against something, it works against you. Tune-in to Living The Miracle with Michael and Raphaelle Tamura. Find out how to get out of effort and manifest what you need to fulfill your purpose in your life. Refresh your spirit by refreshing yourself in spirit.

Living The Miracle

Wednesday at 11 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Are you ready to take your next step? Living The Miracle will empower you to do so.

Wake-up to the joy-filled, limitless life you are meant to live! Discover how to live the miracle of spirit. If you’ve suspected that there’s a deeper meaning to your life than what the world offers you, you will find answers here. You will learn simple, yet, powerful psychic tools to help you live a more intuitive, spirit-centered life and fulfill your soul’s purpose in this world.

The time to think yourself into a pretzel and be confused is past. Have certainty in yourself. You are the light of the world. Use your innate ability to see clearly and discern truth from illusion. Live by intuition. It’s your direct line to your innermost knowing and the only way to discover your true purpose. It’s time to erase doubt with kindness, and replace effort, resistance and competition with grace. Live as the bright, creative and powerful being that you are, both in this world and beyond it.

Michael and Raphaelle Tamura

Michael J Tamura is the award-winning author of YOU ARE THE ANSWER: Discovering and Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose. Born and raised in Japan, yet educated in American schools, he grew up to become a beloved spiritual teacher, clairvoyant visionary and psychic development pioneer, just as a card-reader had prophesied he would before he was born. He has been featured on NBC’s The Leeza Show, CNN, The New Rikki Lake Show, GaiaTV, The Aware Show and Hay House Radio and is in the acclaimed film, PGS-Intuition is Your Personal Guidance System.

Raphaelle Tamura is Co-Founder and COO of Seraphim at Mt. Shasta, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Star of Peace Publishing, COO of Michael Tamura Seminars and Founder of the Seraphim Store. Born in Detroit into an Air Force family, she grew up all over the US. As shown to her in a recurring childhood dream by her spirit guide, she became a clairvoyant, spiritual teacher and healer.

Together, they draw from years of intensive training, past-life recall, out-of-body sojourns and 75 combined years of teaching and giving clairvoyant counsel to guide thousands to their awakening, healing and true-life purpose. Having returned fully conscious from multiple near-death experiences, they offer a depth of wisdom and rare first-hand insights into the continuity and purpose of life. Through their extraordinary life partnership, Michael and Raphaelle make the awakening soul’s evolutionary journey as simple and joy-filled as possible.

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