Understanding Romantic Love as It Relates to Soul Purpose

February 27, 2013
Hosted by Suzanne M. Hill

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Without a doubt, having healthy love in one’s life is a key ingredient to achieving and maintaining optimal well-being. Today’s show will cover how romantic love relates to your soul purpose in life, and why you can often be confused when you consider the nature of your attraction, and subsequent attachment to, a particular significant other. Today’s guest is Amir Levine, MD, co-author of “Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How it Can Help You Find and Keep Love.” Amir will discuss his perspective and discoveries about romantic attachments – it’s a truly fascinating topic!

The Healing Power Hour

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Our program’s core message is that HEALING IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE, AND PRESENTED IN THE RIGHT WAY, LEARNING ABOUT HEALING IS FASCINATING TO EVERYONE, BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS A HUMAN BODY AND EVERYONE EXPERIENCES ILL HEALTH AT SOME POINT, OR KNOWS SOMEONE WHO DOES. If you are sick, you will move beyond feeling overwhelmed and defeated by your illness. We will help you gain both strategies and hope, and be inspired to overcome any health issue you are dealing with. If you aren't immediately sick, your interest and fascination will be awakened. Our show will cover a wide range of health topics from strengthening your immune system and treatment of parasites to healing Candida. You’ll gain immediately applicable solutions to problems and learn new approaches and modalities to treat illness or disease. You will also gain further insight into the energetics of illness and learn how healing truly works.

Suzanne M. Hill

I am a licensed acupuncturist and healer with a private acupuncture practice in New York City for over twelve years. I studied energy work for about fifteen years before becoming an acupuncturist. My strength as a practitioner is finding the root of someone's illness or blockage, which may or may not coincide with where the symptoms are manifesting. Many patients come to me after going through the gamut of practitioners, both Western and Alternative, and I can usually get to the root of the problem pretty quickly. I can do this, not only because of my vast experience, but because I am an empath. I can put my hands on people's bodies and feel what is making them sick, which may be purely physical, but may also be emotional or spiritual. I can feel what thought forms and emotions are blocking the energy and making them sick. I treat a wide range of illnesses, from back pain, to TMJ, to multiple sclerosis and cancer. Patients travel to see me in New York for treatment from places as far away as Florida, Virginia, Maryland, California and Canada. I am a graduate of Brown University, a former investment banker on Wall Street, and former Dean of Post-Graduate Studies at the Tri-State College of Acupuncture. I am also a mother of two young boys, which gives me a whole other level of experience with respect to childhood disorders and illnesses, as well as the experience of understanding the development of relationships.

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