Making Hope Happen

May 23, 2013
Hosted by Mary Meduna, Ph.D., RTC, CPC, ELI-MP and Margaret Ruff, M.S.Ed, CPC, ELI-MP

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Almost all fifth-through-twelfth-graders—95%—say it is likely they will have a better life than their parents. However, in a separate Gallup poll, half of U.S. adults aged 18 and older say they doubt today's youth will have a better life than their parents. Clearly, people are primed to be hopeful—but then something happens. How can we use hope to make our lives—and our children’s and neighbors’ lives—better now and in the future? Senior Scientist and University of Kansas Business professor, Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D. is a positive psychologist and the world’s preeminent expert on hope. He is also the chief architect of the Gallup Student Poll, which measures the hope of hundreds of thousands of students each year to determine how hope drives well-being and achievement. Now, in MAKING HOPE HAPPEN: Create the Future You Want for Yourself and Others, Lopez provides an accessible blueprint for mobilizing the power of hope in every area of your life—and for communicating that hope to others.

Educational Leadership: What Else is Possible?

Educational Leadership: What Else is Possible?

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If you’re like us, you have lived through more hours of meetings to explore the many challenges that you face than you really care to count. If you’re like us, you left most of those meetings wondering if any real progress had been made or if the purpose was simply to rearrange the deck chairs and make it appear that something was being done.

If you’re like us, after these meetings you have sought out colleagues for comfort, support, and new perspectives in order to make sense of the frustration and apparent madness you find yourself in.

We intend to change that.

We intend to change the conversation from one that focuses on admiring problems to one that finds the abundant opportunities that exist for the courageous leaders among us who are ready to break out of the status quo to create joyful, high achieving communities.

We will tap the energy of leaders across all domains of this vast system to activate the potential that already exists.

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Mary Meduna, Ph.D., RTC, CPC, ELI-MP and Margaret Ruff, M.S.Ed, CPC, ELI-MP

Mary Meduna, Ph.D., RTC, CPC, ELI-MP and Margaret Ruff, M.S.Ed, CPC, ELI-MP

Mary and Margaret share more than 40 years of experience in the public school setting including classroom, building administration, central office, special education administration and parent leadership.

What is unique about their histories is that at every turn, they both took the road less traveled.

What is the road less traveled? On this road, the status quo is questioned, even challenged. On this road, colleagues are honored for their contribution to the team, not for their position on the organizational chart. On this road, the emphasis is on supporting others to grow in their roles, not on doing it for them.

And It HURT, man! Really bad!

With a belief in the value of access to public education for all, and with a belief that leaders with the knowledge, skill, and talent to create a supportive work and learning environment are already in the system, they set out to find a way to support these leaders. Through traditional administration programs and industry-leading coaching programs, they have prepared themselves to develop school leaders who lead with their spirit so that the collective spirit of public education becomes generative and innovative.

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April 2013

Larry Ackerman

Larry Ackerman is a leading authority on organizational and personal identity. He is the founder of The Identity Circle, a consulting and coaching firm that helps organizations and individuals thrive by improving their performance, impact and reputations. His corporate clients have included AARP, Baxter Healthcare, Boise Cascade, Dow Chemical, Fidelity Investments, Lockheed Martin, Maytag, National Australia Bank, and State Farm Insurance. Larry Ackerman is the author of two groundbreaking books on identity, Identity Is Destiny: Leadership and the Roots of Value Creation, and The Identity Code: The 8 Essential Questions for Finding Your Purpose and Place in the World. Larry shares his insights in broadcast interviews nationwide and has been a top-rated speaker for The Conference Board. View Guest page

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Chutisa and Steve Bowman

Chutisa and Steve are recognized throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Asia for their creative edge work with consciousness in business and conscious leadership. They are regarded as leading facilitators of conscious leadership and what it would take to lead life and business from ordinary to extraordinary with conscious awareness. Their work is based on 30 years business experience and ACCESS energy for transformation philosophy and tools that they use daily in their professional and personal life. They have successfully introduced ACCESS energy for transformation philosophy to businesses in many countries. They unlock and open doors for leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners to give up limitation and embrace greater consciousness, and greater awareness of their talents, abilities and capacities. Chutisa and Steve have been invited to provide keynote addresses on leadership to numerous organizations and conferences in the USA, Asia and the Pacific Rim. They are authors of the internationally acclaimed book “Conscious leadership-the key to unlocking success”, and ‘Leading yourself to money with consciousness’ View Guest page

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Jerry Cleaver

Jerry grew up in Chicago as a serious south side juvenile delinquent with a dream to be a gas station attendant. He tried college and fell in love with learning taking lots of speech and literature and writing courses. He spent two years in the Army as a personnel psychologist and the head of the Aberdeen Proving Ground Players, producing and directing plays for the small military population and the larger surrounding civilian community. After the Army, he took a job as a social worker and court officer, working with street gangs in Chicago. Jerry taught creative writing at Northwestern University for ten years, and wrote Immediate Fiction (St. Martin’s Press) a five start Amazon bestseller. It has been translated into Chinese and is a bestselling writing book in China. Jerry created The Writer’s Loft, Chicago’s most successful writers workshop for the last twenty years and Working with Difficult People seminar for Crain’s Communications and De Paul University Business School. View Guest page

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Susan Engel

Susan Engel is Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Founding Director of the Program in Teaching at Williams College. Her research interests include the development of curiosity, children’s narratives, play, and more generally, teaching and learning. Her work has appeared in journals such as Cognitive Development, Harvard Educational Review, and the American Education Research Journal. She is the author of four books: The Stories Children Tell: Making Sense of the Narratives of Childhood, Context is Everything: The Nature of Memory, Real Kids: Making Sense in Everyday Life, and Red Flags or Red Herrings: Predicting Who Your Child Will Become. She has also published a number of columns and op-ed pieces on education in the New York Times. She is a founder of, and the educational advisor to an experimental school in NY State. She is currently writing a book on the development of curiosity. She lives in New Marlborough MA with her husband Tom Levin. They have three sons, Jake, Will and Sam. View Guest page

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Susan Gonzales

Susan is Chief Operating Officer at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) where she manages all operations of the business, including iPEC’s coach training programs, which serve educational systems, corporations, small-to-mid sized businesses, governments, law enforcement agencies, and non-profits around the world. With 20+ years of business and educational leadership experience, Susan has a seasoned background in strategic planning, financial management, and program growth and development. While working with educational organizations, Susan was searching for a means to empower, engage, and inspire their leaders to connect and engage their staff and students. When she found iPEC, she knew that it was exactly what was needed. It was a natural next step to join the team. Her approach is simple and founded on the belief that we are all unique leaders and, together, we create a legacy of greatness. View Guest page

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Stacy Hebert

Stacy Hebert Managing Director, Educational Markets As Managing Director of the Educational Markets Division, Stacy’s role includes business development, client relationships, strategic planning and implementation, and coordinating multiple projects. She conveys messages in ways that are applicable to the needs of her stakeholders and that easily motivate and engage multiple audiences. (To call her “magnetic” would be an understatement!) Before meeting iPEC, Stacy owned her own business, Education Alliance, served as a behavioral specialist for more than 10 years in multiple school districts across Texas, and worked for various departments as a social worker with the Texas Department of Human Services. Stacy is extremely passionate about children and their academic and social development. By creating a culture that is highly conscious and engaging, she believes our educational system will have the means to ensure optimal performance that can sustain through times of change. View Guest page

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Margaret Heffernan

MARGARET HEFFERNAN is an entrepreneur, Chief Executive and author. She was born in Texas, raised in Holland and educated at Cambridge University. She worked in BBC Radio for five years where she wrote, directed, produced and commissioned dozens of documentaries and dramas. In 2011 her third book, Willful Blindness was shortlisted for the Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Best Business Book award. She is Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at Simmons College in Boston and Executive in Residence at Babson College. She is a Trustee of the London Library and sits on the Council of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and in the UK as well as one the boards of several private companies. Margaret blogs for the Huffington Post in the US and the UK, for CBSMoneywatch and for She has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Bath. She is married with two children. Her new book is due out in 2014. View Guest page

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Deborah Helsing

Deborah Helsing is a co-founder of Subject Object Change, providing Adult Developmental training, assessment and consultation to organizations and individuals. She is also a Senior Associate at Minds at Work, where she works with clients in the fields of education, business, finance, and the non-profit sector to diagnose and overcome their immunities to change. She serves as faculty in Minds at Work’s Coach Certification Program, offering training and supervision to coaches (and other people-development professionals) working to incorporate the Immunity-to-Change approach into their practice (and organizations). Deborah also holds a faculty position at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, providing individualized executive coaching to high potential educational leaders as part of the Doctor of Educational Leadership (Ed.L.D.) program. View Guest page

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Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D.

Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D., is the world’s leading researcher on hope. His mission is to help people of all ages exercise some control over what their future can become and to teach them how to aim for the future they want in school, work and life. He is also one of the most vocal advocates of psychological reform of America’s education system. He helps schools function less like impersonal factories and more like dynamic human development centers that help students achieve the meaningful futures they say they really want – including a good job and a happy family. View Guest page

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Lawrence Lussier, BA, MEd

Lawrence Lussier, BA, MEd, is the Superintendent of Education in Pembina Trails School Division, with about 12,500 students in K-12 and 2000 employees. He has over 20 years experience working as an educational leader. Lawrence is a high energy person, who also holds the following professional coaching credentials: CPC, PCC and ELI-MP. His coach training from iPEC includes Core Energy Coaching, and Energy Leadership. Through his core energy coaching within the school division over the last 48 months he has helped individuals identify and remove the internal blocks to success creating increased productivity and fulfillment within the organization. View Guest page

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Mary Kay Morrison

Mary Kay Morrison is an educator who has taught at virtually every level of the educational spectrum for the past 30 years. Her work includes integrating what we know about applying cognitive research on both the emotions (particularity humor) and movement to learning. In addition to humor and stress management, Mary Kay frequently conducts seminars on brain research, leadership, ADHD, group facilitation, parenting and mentoring. Mary Kay is founder and director of Humor Quest and serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH). Her publications, Using Humor to Maximize Learning; Exploring Links between Positive Emotions and Education I and Using Humor to Maximize Living are being used as texts for humor studies courses at several universities and both are used for the groundbreaking international graduate Humor Academy offered by the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor. View Guest page

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Kim Olver

Kim Olver is the Executive Director of William Glasser International and is an internationally acclaimed transformational leader. She has inspired thousands of people around the globe to apply the principles of InsideOut Empowerment, a new process based on Glasser's ideas. Since then, she has trained hundreds of social workers, therapists, teachers, and administrators in these ideas. View Guest page

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Steven Snyder

Steven Snyder is the founder and managing director of Snyder Leadership Group. Snyder joined Microsoft in 1983, when the company was in its infancy. His work there secured the relationship with IBM during a crucial stage in Microsoft’s growth and helped shape the history of the personal computer industry. Promoted as Microsoft’s first business unit general manager, Snyder led the company’s Development Tool business, where his team won PC Magazine’s Technical Excellence Award on three occasions. In 1996, Snyder co-founded Net Perceptions, where he commercialized “collaborative filtering” – a technology that enables the real-time personalized recommendations that have become central to the online shopping experience. Snyder holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar, and a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Minnesota. Leadership and the Art of Struggle is his first book. View Guest page

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Chris Wallace, Ph.D.

Trained in psychology and the clinical treatment of families, Chris Wallace earned his Ph.D. in 1990 at BYU. During this time, Dr. Wallace published professionally, including co-authoring numerous journal articles on the incidence and prevention of premarital teen pregnancy. He taught at the university level of 12 years and has worked in treatment programs for youth over twenty years, twelve of them as a clinical director for the ANASAZI Foundation, a very successful youth treatment program. Dr. Wallace is licensed to practice in the field of psychology in the state of Arizona and is an Associate of Arbinger and has been a facilitator and consultant in the United States and Europe in several industries, including: retailing, healthcare, education, military, aerospace, biotechnology, government, and tele-communications, among others. Since August 2008, Chris has been the Director of Facilitation for Arbinger and conducts facilitation trainings globally. View Guest page

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