Making The Sexual Experience a Transcendent Earth Shattering Spiritual Experience

May 22, 2013
Hosted by Dr. Robert Newton

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Since the time the Pilgrims and the Calvanists reached the shores of the U.S., sex has been thought of as a necessary yet less than noble experience, being something that most everyone wanted and/or felt compelled to do yet something not really exalted! Some people break through the sexual guilt syndrome and yet concentrate on the “fun with friction” aspects of sexuality. While this is certainly a part of the sexual “dance”, actually the friction step is just the first of many steps which can lead sexual partners to exalted states of spiritual bliss almost unimaginable, instead of sex being a necessary but “dirty” thing which is used to control people in various faiths and make them feel guilty and thus controllable by various contrived religious dogma. Dr. Newton will share concepts and practices from Tantra, Taoism and Quodoshka that will produce sexual bliss and transcendent states of consciousness.

Real Conspiracies with Scientific and Spiritual Solutions

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For several decades, whenever intelligent people question governmental explanations about anything, such people are belittled, marginalized with the label of spreading conspiracy theories! Much of the time, these so called theories are actual reality. Even when this realization is made, most still feel helpless to do anything about these situations, resigning themselves with the mentality that you cannot fight city hall. In fact, we, the people, do have the power to change and correct the injustices and flaws in our governments and corporations. This program will be empowering, not only uncovering conspiracies but actually offering solutions to these plots. There will be no holy cows, no subjects off the table. We will cover health and medical fraud, terrorist attacks of both foreign and domestic origin, banking and corporate fraud. But we'll also discuss euphoric sexuality, transcendent blissful states of meditation, zero point energy systems and sustainable agriculture and housing.

Dr. Robert Newton

Dr. Robert Newton graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a B.A. in Speech and English, concentrating on general semantics, syllogistic logic and linguistics. He graduated from American College of Law with a J.D. in Law. He is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and is a 3rd degree adept in both Kriya Kundalini Pranayam and The Ancient Hermetic Order of Asclepiads. He is certified in Theta Healing, Theta Consciousness Reprogramming and Healing, Sound Signature Healing Magnetic including magnetic Acupuncture, Laser Therapies and. Light Speed Learning. He was a Christian Science Healer for twenty years and has extensively studied and practiced Quodoshka teaching (Native American), Theosophy, Rosecrucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Science of Mind, Religious Science, Hermetic teachings, Kabbalah, The Keys of Enoch, Tai Chi Chuan, Tantric sexuality and Kriya Kundalini Yoga. He is the author of A Map to Healing and Your Essential Divinity Through Theta Consciousness, Pathways to God: Experiencing the Living God in Your Everyday Life and The Hidden Codes of God. Dr. Newton is presently completing his fourth book. He has completed a Sanskrit mantra CD that will be released soon, and has written articles for Consciousazine Magazine. He has lectured numerous times at the Conscious Life Expo, Knowphest Festival, The Science and Non Duality Conference and The Psi Symposium. Dr. Newton teaches many classes including Theta Healing and Spiritual Sexuality.

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