The use of Chinese medicine and aromatherapy for patients with behavioral health needs

August 29, 2013
Hosted by Surita Rao, M.D.

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Mental Health with Dr. Surita Rao

Mental Health with Dr. Surita Rao

Thursday at 6 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

Mental Health with Dr. Surita Rao is an interactive show focusing on everyday behavioral health issues. The program’s focus is on common behavioral health conditions, including depression, drug and alcohol problems, anger management, stress and other emotional challenges we face in our day-to-day lives. In addition, behavioral health conditions such as mood and anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and ADHD will be discussed.

You are invited to participate in the discussion of mental health, relationships and rehabilitation, and share your experiences. Our Topics are general in nature and should not be interpreted as medical advice.

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Surita Rao, M.D.

Surita Rao, M.D.

Surita Rao, M.D. is the physician leader of the Behavioral Health Services at Saint Francis Care. She completed medical school at Bankura Sammilani Medical College in India and did her psychiatry residency training at St.Vincent’s Hospital in Staten Island, New York and the Yale University School of Medicine. She did her addiction psychiatry fellowship at the Yale University School of Medicine. She has been on the faculty at both Yale and Emory Universities. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor with the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

Her clinical work has focused on addiction psychiatry, including both substance use disorders and dual diagnosis issues. She has worked with impaired physicians and other health care professionals.

Upon completing her fellowship training, she worked as the Medical Director of the methadone maintenance clinics at Yale University School of Medicine. She has been the Chair of Behavioral Health at Saint Francis since 2002 and is the President of the Saint Francis Behavioral Health Group.

Dr. Rao is on the Board of Directors for the American Society of Addiction Medicine and is co-chair of their national membership committee. She is also on the Executive Committee of the Connecticut Chapter.

Dr. Rao is chair of the physicians’ health committee at Saint Francis. She also serves on the Board of the Saint Francis Foundation and has been appointed as a Corporator for Saint Francis Care.

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Dylan Graetz

Dylan Graetz is a joint MD/MPH student at the University of Connecticut. She is a Connecticut native who grew up south of New Haven. Dylan completed her undergraduate degree at Middlebury College in Vermont, where she majored in English Literature. Dylan has always been interested in travel and global health. During college she volunteered as a Spanish translator on a medical trip to Honduras and then spent six months abroad in Chile where she worked on the pediatric ward of a community hospital. After college, Dylan spent a year in San Francisco, working on a teen safety campaign for Planned Parenthood and at a primary care clinic for LGBT women. Dylan returned to Connecticut in the fall of 2009 to begin medical school. Last year, after completing Step 1 of her medical boards, Dylan dedicated a year to pursuing her MPH. As part of this year she spent 4 months in Mumbai, India where she conducted anemia research with adolescent girls in a low-income community. Dylan has now returned to her clinical studies and is in her third year of medical training back in Hartford, Connecticut. View Guest page

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Erik Harris

Erik Harris is a certified Qi Gong practitioner and energy healer. He has been studying under Dr. Ming wu for many years. Erik Harris has been practicing Qi Gong and Tai Chi for more than 6 years. He is certified through the Wu Healing Center. This program has been designed specifically to bring awareness to Chi (life force energy) and the ability it has to transform all aspects of life. Focus is on the body, mind, and spirit connection to show the inherent qualities within all of us that promote self-healing. His classes introduce a series of gentle standing exercises that focus on allowing energy to flow freely through the meridians of your body. The exercises will be relaxing and energizing at the same time. Students will feel a greater sense of well- being and deeper connection with all of life. Erik has taught at the Center for the Healing Arts at Hartford Family Institute, Yoga Center of Collinsville, the Growing Green Wellness center in Hartford, Jai Yoga in Glastonbury and Vital Life Center in Plainville. In 2012 he is teaching at the Wu Healing Center in West Hartford, the Inner Space in Avon, and Valley Yoga in Simsbury. He has also taught Introduction to Chinese Healing, Foundational Qi Movement, and Qi Gong for Weight Loss workshops in various places. Erik holds a B.S. in Psychology from Springfield College in Springfield, MA. He applies what he learned about the mind and body connection to his practice. Erik finds that Qi Gong and Tai Chi allows us to empty our minds by focusing on the energy that flows through us. With the focus on Chi awareness comes to the present moment. In the present moment all things are possible. Erik has professional certifications in Medicinal Aromatherapy, Tui Na technique, Auricular therapy, Tong Ren Therapy, Reiki, and TSR. He has been learning Chinese Herbology and is studying to be certified as an Asian Body Therapist through the NCCAOM. He has also learned the art of kung fu tea. With wild organic teas from China and U.S. he holds Kung Fu Tea ceremonies. Feeling the Qi from tea is liquid meditation. We sip the tea, feel good, and enjoy life. To find out more about what Erik does and about upcoming workshops and events go to Chi for Healing Services 1.Tui Na healing session-60 minutes $100. Healing session consists of Tui na technique, Reiki, Tong Ren Therapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal healing, Auriculotherapy, Cupping, and Toning. Tui Na is acupressure techniques similar to an acupuncturist but the practitioner lets qi flow through their body and uses pressure with the energy to open up acupoint blockages on the meridians (energy pathways) of the body of the client. The other modalities used with Tui Na give an integrative approach for optimal healing of the client's body, mind, and spirit. Each treatment is catered to the client using tongue and pulse diagnosis to determine excess and deficiencies to give the most optimal treatment of the individual. Herbs, teas, and meditation exercises may be advised to work in conjunction with healing sessions. The many facets of Chinese medicine can help with all issues ranging from asthma, sinus infections, common cold, immune system disorders, neurological conditions, thyroid conditions, cancer, back, hip, shoulder, neck pain, migraines, menopause, edema, weight loss, blood pressure, cholesterol, gallbladder disease, stomach problems, skin conditions and more.. 2.Ionizing Detox foot bath- 45 minutes $50. 3.Foot bath with ½ hour foot reflexology -60 minutes $90. 4.Detox package- Foot bath, Cupping, Auriculotherapy-60 minutes $90. 5.Private Qi Gong and Tai Chi instruction- 60 minutes $50. 6.Foot bath with Tui Na healing session- 90 minutes $140. View Guest page

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Victor Hesselbrock, Ph.D.

Victor Hesselbrock, Ph.D., holds the Physicians Health Services Professor endowed chair in Addiction Studies and is Vice Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, University of Connecticut School of Medicine. He is currently the Principal Investigator and Scientific Director of the NIAAA funded Alcohol Research Center at the University of Connecticut and is co-PI of the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism (COGA). He is a past President of the Research Society on Alcoholism, and has served on the National Advisory Council for the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). He is an associate editor for Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, a field editor for ADDICTION and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Other Drugs. Dr. Hesselbrock has been an active researcher in alcohol studies for almost 30 years and has published more than 300 peer-reviewed articles. His research interests include: the genetic epidemiology of alcoholism; co-morbid psychiatric conditions and alcoholism; and psychosocial and cognitive risk factors for alcoholism. View Guest page

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Dr Ernest Jermin

Dr Ernest Jermin is a double boarded psychiatrist who works with children and adults. Dr jermin received his training in general psychiatry in New York at Suny Downstate and trained in Child and Adolescent psychiatry at the Institute of Living in Hartford. Dr Jermin also has a Master's of Public Health from Tulane university. Prior to becoming a psychiatrist Dr Jermin worked in New York as a high school teacher, and credits alot of his time in that role as the impetus to his decision to become a psychiatrist. Presently he works in the community seeing some adults, but spends most of his time working with children and adolescents. His area of interest are diverse, however he finds his fulfillment in his role in preventive mental health, which often entails advocating for services for his patients and educating his patients and their families about diagnoses and misperceptions of mental health. View Guest page

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Tracey Krasnow, MD

Tracey Krasnow, MD is currently a board certified general and child and adolescent psychiatrist. He is currently a board elligible Pediatrician as well. He has spent the last five years employed at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT. He is currently the supervising physician for both the child and adolescent psychiatry in-patient units at St. Francis. He obtained his medical degree from St. George’s University in Grenada, West Indies. He completed a 5 yr residency program at Indiana University in Pediatrics/ General Psychiatry/Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. His professional intersts include autism, complementary and alternative medicine as well as Psychoneuroendocrinology. View Guest page

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Stephanie Krulewitz

Stephanie Krulewitz is the Director of Outpatient Services and Director of Training at Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centers, Inc since January of 2000. In addition she is a Primary Therapist on the crisis team at the St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center Emergency Department, and also a practitioner in the St. Francis Behavioral Health Group outpatient services. Stephanie specializes in the treatment of addictive disorders and in pre and post operative therapy for patients who are getting or have had Bariatric Surgery. In the last several years Stephanie has been the coordinator for training for ADRC, Inc, developing the agency training plan and providing trainings for clinical staff at the agency. View Guest page

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Dr. Muhammad Irfan Munawar

Dr. Munawar is a physician with a wide range of interests, holding triple Board Certifications in areas of General Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. Among others, Autism is an areas which intrigues him and he continues to extend his hand to help manage several Autistic children and their families. View Guest page

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Tom Romans

Dr. Bruce Rothschild

Bruce S. Rothschild, M.D. Dr. Rothschild received his medical degree from the University of Vermont College of Medicine and attended the Johns Hopkins Hospital for his residency in psychiatry. He moved to Connecticut in 1989 to take a position at the Institute of Living where he established and directed the Eating Disorder Day Hospital. While at the Institute, he also set up outpatient specialty clinics for affective disorders and anxiety disorders. He became Associate Director of the University of Connecticut/Institute of Living combined residency program. Dr. Rothschild came to Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut where he has been since 1993. He is the Director of the Psychiatric Consultation/Liaison Service, providing and overseeing psychiatric consultations to the medical-surgical patients of the hospital. He has been involved in medical student education through his affiliation with The University of Connecticut School of Medicine, where he has lectured and directed a third year psychiatry clerkship. Dr. Rothschild’s clinical and research interests are depression and the disorders of motivated behavior; e.g. eating, sleep, sex and substances. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale School of Medicine where he collaborates on research focused on psychiatric aspects of gastric bypass surgery for obesity. Dr. Rothschild maintains a private practice with Beacon Behavioral Services, with offices in Avon and Bloomfield. View Guest page

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Carol Tyler

Carol Tyler, MA, RD, CDN works at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center as a Health Promotion coordinator. She teaches Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Holistic Nutrition programs. She received her BS degree in Clinical Dietetics and MA degree in fitness management at the University of Connecticut. She receieved training in Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She also received training in Mind/Body Medicine at the Mind/Body Medical Institute, Boston MA. Carol is a Registered Dietitian with a unique background in clinical nutrition, exercise therapy and mind/body medicine. View Guest page

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Deena Williamson

Deena Williamson, MSN, MBA-HCA, RN is the Executive Director for Behavioral Health Services and Interim for Nursing Professional Practice at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center. She is responsible for the strategic and operational planning of clinical and administrative service line goals in collaboration with physician leadership throughout the organization. Deena has served as the chairman for the Mental Health Chapter of Connecticut Hospital Association since 2010. Deena was awarded the honorary Nightingale in Nursing Excellence Award in 2010 and the University of Phoenix Alumni Community service award in 2013. Deena has published numerous evidence based articles in a variety of medical journals, as well as co-authored and edited an academic book titled “Fundamentals of Geriatric Psychiatry”. Deena has presented at multiple national and state conferences. View Guest page

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