Social Media and Employers: Should Employers Be Able to Access Your Facebook Page for Hiring Decisions?

July 17, 2013
Hosted by D. Anthony Miles, Ph.D.

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Have you ever Googled your name? Current and potential employers are doing it. With the emergence of social media influences such as, employers are using social media as part of their due diligence for investigating new and current employees. Numerous colleges and universities have warned graduating seniors to be careful about the dangers of social media, such as Facebook and others. Some heed this warning, however many do not. Privacy is a thing of a bygone era. The internet and social media has forever changed that. Reputation management is a big issue with social media. Now individuals must manage their content on social media about themselves and manage the content by others as well. We are now living in the digital age and it has repercussions. With At-Will Employment laws in some states, now employers can use social media as grounds for terminating a current employee and deny employment to a potential new one. Welcome to the new digital age: You better check what is on social media about you or you can be sure that employers will! We will be joined by experts, Lori Andrews, professor of law at Chicago-Kent, College of Law distinguished professor of law at Chicago-Kent, College of Law; Charles Lamberton, President of the Lamberton Law Firm, LLC, a workplace rights and employment discrimination law firm; and Courtney Hefferman Mimmo, Social Media Director for O’Connell & Goldberg (O&G) public relations. You don’t want to miss this show! Come join us at Game On ® Business Talk Radio with D. Anthony Miles

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D. Anthony Miles, Ph.D.

Dr. Miles is from San Antonio, Texas. He is CEO and founder of Miles Development Industries Corporation®, a consulting practice and venture capital acquisition firm. He is a leading business expert in entrepreneurship, management, and marketing. His experience includes over 20 years in the retail, banking and financial services industry. He has held positions with Fortune 500 companies, and has consulted several start-up ventures and small, medium, and large-sized businesses and companies. Dr. Miles developed a business and strategic plan for Brooks City-Base, a former military base that was under Base Realignment Closure. He conducted research on minority contract awards trends with the City of San Antonio Government's Economic Development Department. Dr. Miles’ certifications include: Management Consultant Professional, Registered Business Analyst, Certified Chartered Marketing Analyst, and Master Business Consultant. His published books are “Risk Factors and Business Models: Understanding the Five Forces of Entrepreneurial Risk,” and “Entrepreneurship and Risk: The Five Forces of Entrepreneurial Risk: Forces That Cause Business Failure and Discontinuance,” and academic journals including Academy of Business Research Journal, Southern Business and Economic Journal, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Management Research, and others. He holds a Ph.D/MBA in Entrepreneurship and General Business, MBA in Management and BBA in Marketing/Management.

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