PART TWO SERIES: Critical Thinking in Sports and Life: Can Education Save Your Life?

September 10, 2013
Hosted by Ida R. Muorie

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Sportsmavericks Show and Ida Muorie, JD your Host welcomes you to Part Two Series on Critical Thinking in Sports and Life. Today we will explore the major question: Can Education Save Your Life? with a special Co-Host Guest Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq. the National Chair of the National Congress of Black Women and former Counsel to the U.S. Congress’ District of Columbia Sub-Committee on the Judiciary and Education. Other Guests are Dr. Harry Shinitzky: Licensed Sports Psychologist and Motivational Speaker and Author; The People’s Champ: China Smith, Professional Boxer, two-time former NBA Heavyweight Champion of the World and Warren Davis, Retired Master Sergeant of the United Army. With our listeners we explore these additional questions “live”: Q: If you are face with insurmountable odds as the potential of war or major destruction? What role does critical thinking play in that process? Q: If you are Serena Williams down in her third set in the US Open, how do you get the Victory? Q: In some sports, an athlete is faced with death every time he or she steps into the ring of fire, what is their thinking? Q: What is the thinking of those in America that work in dangerous occupations? Q: Why is it that Critical Thinking is not rarely taught in our school system? Write to us at with your questions. IdaR Muorie answers all email personally. When you asked questions in life. You move to new possibilities an a new horizons of thinking. I call this our ” Imagination” beyond what we think©. Ida R. Muorie JD

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Ida R. Muorie

Ida R. Muorie, JD is a sports advocate, author, college professor, renowned speaker, personal coach, financial strategist, international spokesperson, lawyer and the President and CEO of Sportsmavericks, Inc. Sportsmavericks is a Community Education and Sports Network company that offers services in life coaching, consulting, diversity training, publishing, community events and video conferencing workshops for sports professionals, student athletes and parents of athletes. In 2004, Muorie combined her experience in sports education with 20 years of financial experience, to launch the first sports talk show on The VoiceAmerica Network. She is also the host and producer of the audio series-- Laying The Foundation For Excellent: “Survival Guide IV Student Athletes,” the DVD, “Finding The (Sports) Woman In You,” and the author of “The Pro-Ready Impact Principles,” and “The Financial Playbook For Athletes.”

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