Energy Psychology with David Feinstein, PhD

November 18, 2013
Hosted by Dr. Anne Deatly, Ph.D

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Energy Psychology, a cutting edge therapy, represents the intersection of psychotherapy and energy medicine. Since psychological problems have a counterpart in the energy system, the issue can be treated energetically. Applying principles of the body’s energies facilitates changes in emotions, thoughts and behavior. By tapping on specific points on meridians while holding the fear, anxiety or phobia in the mind, the neurological connections to the amygdala and other brain centers are re-patterned in a way that reduces/eliminates the fear, anxiety or phobia. The meridian points, identified thousands of years ago, have a low electrical resistance as well as high concentration of receptors that are responsive to tapping of the skin. Tapping produces electrical impulses, which are sent to various brain centers that shift brain wave patterns and reprogram the emotional response. Because Energy Psychology often offers rapid symptomatic relief, it can help you to live radiantly!

Energy Medicine and Optimal Health

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Our program focuses on energy medicine and how it can lead to optimal health. Energy is everywhere. Each of us has an energy body associated with our physical body. Nine different energy systems make up the energy body. Energy medicine is about determining energy balance in these energy systems. If imbalance is detected, proper energy balancing techniques are used to revitalize the body for efficient and optimal functioning of the body’s organs and physiological systems. We’ll highlight key exercises to use to empower optimal health by re-patterning your flow of energy. In addition, energy medicine can rebalance emotions that are the core of physical symptoms. In addition to discussing the nine energy systems, Energy medicine experts will discuss energy medicine and the law of attraction, hormones and anti-aging, psychology and psychiatry, and the last stages of life. Energy Medicine and Optimal Health airs live Mondays at 4 PM Pacific on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness.

Dr. Anne Deatly, Ph.D

Anne M. Deatly, PhD and certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, is Director of the Optimal Health and Wellness Center and recognized as the Radiant Energy Doctor. Anne’s holistic health center focuses on energy balancing, positive inspiration, and spiritual coaching. The ultimate goal of the center is to inspire and support people to transform their health and create the life of their dreams. Energy medicine, the future of medicine, activates the body’s natural healing and energy balancing system to prevent disease. As an Energy Medicine practitioner, Anne uses energy balancing ( to determine the root cause of disease, including emotional and spiritual issues, to achieve optimal holistic health ( Energy balancing promotes stress reduction, energy cross-over, synchronized energy rhythms, toxin removal and pain reduction or elimination. Optimal Health and Wellness Center also facilitates renewal and transformation of a revitalized body, awakened mind, and enlightened spirit. Programs are designed to provide new opportunities for self-empowerment, growth and personal development, healthy lifestyle, positive mental attitude, defined purpose and passion, increased success potential, and creating a life filled with, joy, peace, and harmony. Anne is also embarking on a career in inspirational speaking as a way to empower others to develop into their highest potential (mind, body, spirit).

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