Why Love Heals: Health As a Natural Consequence of this Healing Energy

February 6, 2014
Hosted by Cella Zappia

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As Director of Mind-Body Medicine for a physician-management group of 40 cancer centers, Dean Shrock developed and taught a wellness program that was found to improve survival with cancer. A primary thrust of this program was to instill patients and families with a will to live. So, why were the people who participated in this program living longer? How does feeling loved and cared for translate into remission from major chronic disease? In attempting to understand why love heals, Dr. Shrock found that quantum physics determined there is a quantum field that underlies and connects all of physical reality. This all-pervasive energy is one of complete harmony and order. When we experience love, we resonate with this fundamental essence of who we are. Our bodies respond with decreased stress and resistance, and allows for a greater flow of this life force energy. Health is a natural consequence. Join this conversation between Dr. Shrock and Cella as they discuss how Dr. Shrock discovered why love heals which ultimately culminated in the writing of his book “Why Love Heals.”

Cella’s Chat

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Cella’s Chat was created out of Cella Zappia’s personal healing experience. Each week, Cella will be your guide in teaching you how to find your own healer within. This healing is accomplished when we work to balance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Through interviews with experts in each of their different fields of holistic wellness and medicine, you will learn how to use your own mind to create a life of health and empowerment. Deeply passionate about the subject of depression, suicide awareness and prevention, she desires to take the stigma away from this disease and provide facts and information to allow you to know there is hope. Healing through inspiration and information, Cella’s Chat invites you to create a space in your life where all things are possible.

Cella Zappia

Just as a caterpillar sheds its skin and becomes a butterfly, Cella's life fell apart and she too was reborn. From the outside, life appeared perfect. As is the reality for many women, Cella thought it was her personal obligation to take care of everyone’s needs but her own. That is exactly what she did up until May 13, 2008. She was married to a military man for twenty years who was often absent during that time due to his job. This left her to raise two boys, work full time in the legal field, all while thinking it was perfectly normal to run herself into the ground. Cella’s own battle began as the perfect storm of circumstances came together to initiate her downward spiral into illness and depression. Feeling hopeless that she would never salvage the person she was before, Cella felt her only solution out of the pain was to take her own life. As an attempt survivor, she learned that the greatest resource was the healer within. Now she works with people to help them rekindle their passion for life. As a certified Nia instructor and Ageless Grace educator, Cella is also versed in many healing modalities including Qigong, Tai Chi, nutrition and wellness. Through speaking, writing, and the dance arts, as well as the creation of a woman's support group, it is Cella's desire to help others to manifest and transform their lives to find their personal empowerment. A true testament that all things are possible, she is walking her talk while teaching others to do the same.

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