Tithing, the Yoga of Giving Back with Paula Langguth Ryan

April 14, 2014
Hosted by Marc and Heather Titus

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Your yoga practice and teachings have led you to All That Is. You are inspired to give, to be of service. So much excitement, so much desire. You stand at the threshold, poised to give financially, and then your core beliefs of lack, limitation, guilt, powerlessness, unworthiness, abandonment and fear of death itself rise to the surface. “If I give, I won’t have.” Yet it is our giving that opens up our true recognition that we already have everything. The Universe doesn’t withhold. It doesn’t give to get, or keep score, or hold resentments or wait until it sees what it gets from you. It is an Ever Present, Ever Trusting, Infinite Flow. And so are you. Join us as we discuss with Paula, the notion of giving back, known as Seva, or service, and how the ancient practice of tithing relates to you right now. We will unpack various ways to be in service, while recognizing the divinity, abundance and prosperity that is ever-present, supportive and nurturing to our lives in every way.

Yoga Begins Now

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For more than 5,000 years, the practice of yoga has effortlessly transcended time, space and culture. Yet suddenly it’s more popular (and more relevant) than ever before! Why? Join the bright, enlightened minds behind the Sedona Yoga Festival (Founder/Director Marc Titus and Producer H. Shereé Titus) as they unpack this and other compelling questions with YOGA BEGINS NOW. This informative and inspirational radio show was created to bring yoga out of the candlelit studio, and into the real world, because no matter what you’ve been told, yoga isn’t just for twentysomethings in spandex. It’s for everyone. Whether you’re young or old, size 00 or XXL, yoga will meet you right where you are. With thoughtful discussion, teacher interviews, special guests and guided practice sessions, you’ll delve beyond the purely physical aspects of yoga, and begin to understand how it supports a healthier, happier, more conscious way of living. Momentum begins with a single moment. And YOGA BEGINS NOW.

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Marc and Heather Titus

Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. His modern yoga and meditation blends masterfully ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this often tumultuous modern experience. He supports purposeful, organic and dynamic collaborations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. Marc founded the Sedona Yoga Festival and is the current Festival Director. He has authored 2 books and blogged extensively about his soul-journey to consciousness.

Heather, a yogini with a business sense, brings conscious collaboration into our business and exchange. Heather teaches little yogis in service to bring mindfulness and compassion to our next generation, as we hope to bring a culture of generosity and cooperation into the new age. Passionate about sustainability, she brings social and environmental responsibility to their business practices. She is the Producer of the Sedona Yoga Festival.

Together, Marc and Heather have become a united, balanced team advocating for higher consciousness, sustainable business and community, giving back, and choose to show up as models of a life in service. They are tirelessly passionate about Yoga and Consciousness Studies which helped these two bring about harmonious life changes, bringing each individually from a place of lack and confusion to an abundant life of better health and vitality, prosperity, and joyful experience and it can be the same for you. They are living proof. Namaste.

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Marguerite Baca

Marguerite Baca, Kriyaban Yoga Master, Speaker & Comedian Creating a yoga video for the internationally distributed Buns of Steel label was a catalyst for Marguerite's career. With a family background in entertainment, she trained and performed on stage and TV. Beginning her dedicated meditation practice with Paramahansa Yogananda's teachings at 13, she is bringing these ancient practices to the mainstream - military, universities, hospitals, stage, and at-risk youth.. View Guest page

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Suzanne Bryant

Suzanne Bryant is a former journalist from NYC who attended NYU for journalism and worked for Producer George Crile at 60 Minutes II. While living in NYC she took up a daily yoga practice to deal with anxiety, a bi-product or so she thought of living amongst metropolis. A daily practice of yoga would be the beginning of a journey. After noticing the powerful effects of calming her mind, clarity about her life began to reveal itself. Suzanne produced/directed the Feature Documentary Film, YOGA IS: A Transformational Journey. It features travels to India and across the US to interview many of the most prominent yoga teachers in the west as well as high profile celebrities Russell Simmons and Christy Turlington Burns, musician Michael Franti and Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman in search of what YOGA IS and how it relates to love, truth, happiness, purpose, dark, light, and transformation. Suzanne is forever grateful for the profound transformation she has experienced through Yoga. View Guest page

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East Forest

East Forest weaves ethereal soundscapes from his vintage keys, intimate vocals, and original field recordings. His sonic architecture reflects motifs of nature and the inner spiritual landscape juxtaposed with the realities and possibilities of modern society. The emotive music experiments with elements of pop and contemporary themes while leading the listener on a sensual ambient journey. The wide ranging textural sound has been called “blissful” (NPR) and likened to a cross between Sigur-Ros, The Album Leaf, and Bon Iver. He has collaborated with Deepak Chopra, shared stages with artists ranging from Moby, Sarah Neufeld, to Random Rab, and composed and licensed music for apps, video games, tv/film, theatre, and dance companies. East forest has created a new type of aural experience using music as a “technology” that can intentionally facilitate a heightened odyssey of body, mind, and spirit. View Guest page

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Luke Ketterhagen

Luke Ketterhagen graduated magna cum laude from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI with a degree in Biomedical Sciences. He then moved to the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy to study under the guidance of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait where he would spend over 7 years in residence. After receiving his yoga teacher certification from the Himalayan Institute, Ketterhagen joined their permanent staff. He authored the Asana Basics column for Yoga International magazine from December 2003 to December 2004. Luke appeared as a model in numerous editions of the 16-year-old publication as well as in the best-selling book, Yoga: Mastering the Basics. Former owner and director of Uptown Yoga in Dallas, TX, Ketterhagen was also Director of Programming and the principal teacher at East West Yoga in Manhattan during its relaunch. Currently Luke teaches classes, workshops and teacher training programs in Southern California and around the US. View Guest page

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Trisha Lotzer

Trisha has a degree in Biology from the University of California at Davis and a Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego School of Law. Trisha is passionate about law using her businesses as a way to be of service and “give back” to others. Her public and pro bono service includes the Arizona Bar Pro Bono Wills for Heroes Program and the American Red Cross Disaster Action Team, with whom she volunteered for three weeks in Texas to deliver food and supplies in the wake of Hurricane Ike. She also travels to work with nonprofits internationally. Recent trips include Thailand India, Guatemala and Belize. Ms. Lotzer is a nationally published author and popular speaker on the topics of business law, entrepreneur, nonprofits, corporate and healthcare practice. Her articles and interviews have been featured in national publications including Entrepreneur.MD, Physicians Practice Journal, Arizona Society of CPAs and the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs. View Guest page

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Nicola Phoenix

Nicola Phoenix, brings a clear message that a state of great peace and deep inner happiness and fulfilment is possible – right here and now. As a Psychologist, Yoga teacher, Radio talk show host, inspiring speaker and author her works reaches out to support all who are wishing to live a more conscious life. Nicola communicates a grounded, informed and nurturing way of living in spirit. She combines her Western grounding in psychology, her experience living and teaching a pathway of the Eastern yogic practices and philosophies, coupled with her own vast personal insights and acts as a catalyst for people ready to embrace change in their lives. She believes that making real change is about treating the cause of any problem and not just the symptoms. Through her own personal journey and transformation she understands the support and guidance necessary as we make brave steps towards living authentically. Nicola lives in London, England with her husband and newborn daughter. View Guest page

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Pamela Quinn

Pamela Quinn is a Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Specialist, Author, Social Entrepreneur, and Gifted Speaker. She is the founder of Elemental OM, has two yoga centers in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a single mother of two, and a really bad dog owner. View Guest page

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Chelsea Roff

Chelsea Roff is the Founder and Director of Eat Breathe Thrive, a non-profit organization that prevents and helps individuals fully recover from eating disorders through yoga. She is a nationally-recognized author and speaker, and last year she crowdfunded $51,000 to kickstart EBT and conduct an evidence-based study on yoga’s effectiveness in eating disorder treatment. Chelsea’s own story of recovering from anorexia and a subsequent stroke was showcased by Sanjay Gupta on CNN and on the front page of AOL.com. Chelsea currently lives in Venice, California, where she can be found cartwheeling across the beach, hiking in the mountains, and practicing yoga poses on her little pink scooter. She speaks regularly at recovery centers, universities, and professional organizations and supports leadership teams at yoga service organizations around the country to more effectively serve in-need populations. View Guest page

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Steve Ross

Steve Ross has practiced various styles of yoga for his entire adult life and has been instructing for over twenty years. He has explored the physical aspects of yoga as well as the philosophical and spiritual roots of yoga. He spent four years as a monk in the Vedic tradition, and since that time, he has ceaselessly sought out and reveled in the presence of some of the most notable masters of our time, in India and beyond. He is honored to have the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with other spiritual seekers. Author of Happy Yoga, Steve combines upbeat, inspirational music with a relaxed, easy spirituality that make his classes at Maha Yoga some of the most popular in Los Angeles. His events are ecstatic and retreats well known to produce a blissful state of being. “You are already happy. The reason you don’t experience it is that it’s covered up by layers of suppressed emotions and negative thoughts. Shift your attention and your inherent happiness flashes forth.” View Guest page

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Paula Langguth Ryan

Paula Langguth Ryan combines practical personal financial tips with metaphysical prosperity principles to help you heal your relationship with money, so you can tap your true potential and live the life of abundance you were born to live. Ryan has made it her life’s mission to give people the resources they need to change the way they think and feel about money. She takes all the bits and pieces you’ve learned about prosperity and connects the dots and fills in the blanks, to help you put it all together and create lasting change in your life. Once bankrupt herself, Ryan has authored Bounce Back From Bankruptcy: A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Back On Your Financial Feet, 4th Ed and Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing. Paula has appeared on local and national television and radio shows including WOR’s The Dolans, with Ken and Daria Dolan; PBS’ Financial Freedom, and NBC’s Today in New York. She writes a groundbreaking prosperity e-zine, “The Art of Abundance” and lectures nationwide. View Guest page

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Rob Schware

Rob Schware, PhD, heads the Give Back Yoga Foundation and the Yoga Service Council, and writes for The Huffington Post Blog. Rob brought his two decades of management experience with the World Bank to help grow the yoga service movement as a second career. He wanted to combine his development and project management expertise in over 30 countries – including India, Indonesia, Turkey, Rwanda and Palestine – with his passion for yoga, by forming an organization whose mission it is to bring yoga to underserved populations. He has been married to Alice Trembour for 29 years, which, like yoga, is in and of itself a regular commitment to a practice. They have three children. View Guest page

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Robert Sturman

The subject of two New York Times articles, Robert Sturman’s art captures the timeless grace and embodied mindfulness of asana. A dedicated yoga practitioner himself, Sturman's work has increasingly gestured at something beyond the physical, something transcendent. His stunning repertoire runs the gamut from yogis perched on rocks surrounded by the Pacific ocean, to African orphans practicing yoga in Kenya, to breast cancer survivors, bare-chested and scarred. Sturman’s portraits, whether set in the lively streets of Manhattan, the expansiveness of Malibu's beaches and canyons, the timeless elegance of Walden's New England, or the bleakness of San Quentin Prison, remind us that there is beauty everywhere. In his own words "I often think of Rumi: 'I can't stop pointing to the beauty.' That feels right to me." A native Southern Californian, Robert Sturman lives in Santa Monica with his dog, Chai. View Guest page

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Pandit Tigunait

Spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute, Pandit Tigunait is the successor of Swami Rama of the Himalayas. Lecturing and teaching worldwide for more than a quarter of a century, he is the author of fourteen books, including his autobiography Touched by Fire: The Ongoing Journey of a Spiritual Seeker, the best-selling At the Eleventh Hour: The Biography of Swami Rama of the Himalayas and a regular contributor to Yoga International magazine. Family tradition gave Pandit Tigunait access to a vast range of spiritual wisdom preserved in both the written and oral traditions. Before meeting his master, Pandit Tigunait studied Sanskrit, the language of the ancient scriptures of India, as well as the languages of the Buddhist, Jaina, and Zorastrian traditions. In 1976, Swami Rama ordained Pandit Tigunait into the 5,000-year-old lineage of the Himalayan Masters. He holds two doctorates: one in Sanskrit and another in Oriental Studies, from Universities in India and the United States View Guest page

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Rama Jyoti Vernon

Rama Jyoti Vernon began her interest in metaphysics and mysticism as a child, with parents who were pioneers in holistic health. Ultimately, she became one of America’s first Yoga teachers and was instrumental in bringing many great teachers from India to the US. She co-founded the Yoga Journal and developing organizations such as Unity in Yoga, to unite all lineages of Yoga. As a housewife, mother and Yoga teacher, Rama began applying Yoga philosophy in a whole new arena, international peacemaking. During the 1980s she made dozens of trips to the USSR and founded the Center for International Dialogue, based on the idea that people can join together to initiate solutions for political, economic, ecological, humanitarian and cultural conflicts. Her warm manner and way she shares personal stories about her life, make students feel they know and like her as a friend. Her legacy of Asana training, combined with deep integration of the Yoga Sutras, is carried on by her longtime students. View Guest page

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Mark Whitwell

Mark is interested in developing an authentic yoga practice for the individual, based on the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar, with whom he enjoyed a relationship for more than twenty years. Mark’s teachings clarify the profound passion and relevance of ancient wisdom to contemporary life. Mark has taught yoga for over twenty years throughout the US, Asia, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Mark was the editor and contributor to TKV Desikachar’s book The Heart of Yoga. He is the author of the following titles: The Promise of Love, Sex and Intimacy: How a Simple Breathing Practice Will Enrich Your Life Forever Yoga of Heart: The Healing Power of Intimate Connection Hridaya Yoga Sutra View Guest page

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