Are Your Emotions and Fears Sabotaging Your Dreams?

April 2, 2014
Hosted by Dorian Light

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Episode Description

Join Dorian Light as she reveals how trapped emotions and fears can be sabotaging your desires and dreams for your life. She will specifically explore “The Fear of Failure” and “The Fear of Success” and how these fears can be impacting your career and ability to step into your power. Releasing these trapped emotions can help free you from old patterns and programs of behavior, self-sabotage, pain within the body, emotional heartache and MUCH MORE…… Dorian will do light sessions around the emotions discussed to help you clear these trapped energies stored within your mental and emotional fields. Join Dorian Light as she helps you to shift, change and heal your life and “Step Into The Realm of Infinite Possibilities”.

All About You!

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The Dorian Light show is “All About YOU” and how you can take back the power of your life. Learn to shift, change and heal your life so that you can manifest the dreams and desires that you hold within your heart. How do you shift, change and heal your life? Find the answers to this question and more as Dorian explores subconscious programs, belief systems, ancestral coding and past life memories that can have you stuck in patterns that are sabotaging your life. Dorian teaches you techniques that can be practiced daily, helping you to think positive and feel more centered and balanced. As a highlight of each week’s topic, Dorian does a “Light Session” using Psychic Energetics and the Language of Light to energetically shift and clear the negative patterns you have stored around that specific topic. Step into your life’s “Realm of Infinite Possibilities."

Dorian Light

Dorian is a Licensed Hypnotherapist, Language of Light and Energy Healer, Spiritual Coach and Psychic Channel. Dorian uses her gifts and abilities to help others shift, change and heal their lives. Her degree in Psychology allows her to blend her knowledge of human behavior with her intuitive insights and the gift of the Language of Light. Using these gifts, she is able to help clients reach their fullest potential by removing old patterns, programs and blocks that are sabotaging their lives. She then brings in new patterns of information to help them fully align with who they are and what they wish to accomplish in their life. A deeply spiritual person, Dorian was inspired by her older brother, who was a Charismatic minister and hands-on healer as well as her strong Christian family. She entered into this lifetime with the ability to channel information from other dimensions and communicate with deceased love ones and Angels. At age 16, Dorian began speaking her first dialect of the Language of Light and now speaks many different dialects. Dorian’s intuitive abilities have seemingly intensified after two Near Death Experiences. She has spent much of her life on a deep inner search for meaning and understanding of herself, life and death. Dorian’s personal mission is heart-felt and simple: “I assist others to heal on all levels and to realize who they truly are – a being, capable of healing their lives, capturing their dreams and fulfilling their soul's highest purpose.”

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