The Gritty Side of Marriage From an Experienced Private Detective

December 10, 2014
Hosted by Lori Jae

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There are TV Private Investigators and then there is The Real Thing. Today we have the Real Thing! George Eleftheriou will be here to tell us about many of his investigations along with many provocative situations. George has been in places that we can only imagine such as working as a Criminal Investigator out of the Bronx Supreme Court including three years undercover in the roughest neighborhoods of New York City. He then moved to the dangerous Art Deco streets of South Florida and all of this after serving in the Marine Corps. George is going to share with us, although he himself is married, why he agrees with many concepts within the book, “Don’t Get Married, Get a Five Year Contract.” You do not want to miss the extreme honest dialogue that takes place as George paints the picture of why most people should not be married. And this includes people from all walks of life. George will bring to us the very gritty side of marriage gone wrong and this show is for Mature Audiences.

Contract for Love

Contract for Love

Archives Available on VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel

On our show we will discuss why conventional marriage should be abandoned for long term relationships based on choice, changes in life structure and relevance to each partner. My belief is that marriage is a habit and pattern that is cultivated within society from archaic rituals and ceremonies brought forth from the middle ages. Marriage has been perpetuated as the way into a long term relationship, rife with obstacles and undue burdens to both involved. If you are not married, you fall into a non-status within our society. We have just begun to recognize those choosing not to marry to have the same rights to be with a chosen partner as married couples. Learn about what makes a relationship click in the first place and how to help it survive long term without adding the marriage ceremony. Contracts can be the best way to protect ourselves and children in a society living in broken marriages.

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Lori Jae

Lori Jae

My life has had two marriages, two divorces and I have two children and two grandchildren. I practice as a Tarot Psychic Reader, Past Life Reader and Teacher with classes in the Psychic Realm, Spiritual Sexuality, Energy, Vibration, Infinity and What Is Reality amongst other Metaphysical modalities. Previously, I was in a small airplane crash where two people perished, a boy who sat in front of me and his mother who was sitting behind me and I was in critical condition. She and I had changed seats causing me mental distress along with long term physical injuries. After a long recovery, I started back into teaching and working with people in Personal Psychic and Past Life Development Classes. I have awards for my volunteer work, including being an Advocate for Mental Health Issues in Wisconsin, and many awards in visual arts as a self-taught acrylic artist. Three museums along with the University of Wisconsin have my work in their personal collections. These many journeys led to many life changing developments which helped me reach a dream of becoming an internet radio host. Another dream accomplished is my book entitled, Don’t Get Married, Get a Five Year Contract, and is available on Amazon. I believe wholeheartedly in my concept of removing conventional marriage from society through my psychic practice and life experience. I do believe in long term relationships and love through creative means. My show brings guests to discuss the concepts and to take listeners questions.

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George Eleftheriou, Sr.

George Eleftheriou, Sr., the President and Senior Investigator of G.E. Investigations, LLC is a New York City Trained Investigator with over 29 years of experience behind him. A proud American, he served his country in the United States Marine Corps as a young man. Then, he began his career in 1985, working as a Criminal Investigator out of the Bronx Supreme Court, which included three years undercover in the roughest neighborhoods of New York City. Then he moved to the dangerous Art Deco streets of South Florida where he conducted investigations both privately and in conjunction with local authorities.

Today he has offices in Los Angeles, California and Phoenix, Arizona, with a commitment to providing professional investigative and business intelligence services in an accurate, detailed, and timely manner.

1.866.347.7948 (866.3.ISPY.4U) Certified & Licensed Private Detective View Guest page

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Heather Jones

I’m a writer who puts a light-hearted, yet honest spin on casual dating and relationships. My bottom line approach to advice provides clear and concise answers to today’s dating dilemmas. I’m happily single, and have been actively casually dating and documenting my experiences for the last ten years. I enjoy being single, and have no real desire to marry or have children. I recently published a book called "F*#k The Double Standard in Dating," and the reviews so far have been very positive from both men and women. In my book I talk about how to casually date and have a great time doing it. Personally, I have a very active social life and live a super fun lifestyle that supports my dating philosophies. View Guest page

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Toney Nicacio

Toney Nicacio, a fellow psychic and good friend, will bring to us some of his history while living in San Francisco, along with how he would like to help fellow gay men with their Spiritual Journey along with people in all walks of life!

Toney is a gifted born psychic who's abilities began at the age of 9. He is an empath, healer, clairvoyant,and medium. Originally born and raised in California, he spent most of his years in San Francisco and the Bay area. Toney has also worked diligently with police departments in forensics to help find missing persons. With Toney's engaging personality and deep empathic compassion, he can provide clarity and peace of mind to the heart. View Guest page

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Sarah Nilsson

Sarah Nilsson has both an aviation and a legal background. She began her career as a pilot in 1994 and is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensed airline transport pilot in multi and single engine fixed-wing airplanes. Since 2000 she has been a gold seal flight instructor, and has trained hundreds of pilots. Sarah has just recently become a licensed attorney in the State of Arizona. She graduated with honors summa cum laude with a BS in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Sarah also obtained a Master of Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Northcentral University. She also graduated with honors with a JD in law from Arizona Summit Law School. Currently, Sarah is practicing law and is also a certified mediator. Outside of work, she enjoys riding her Hayabusa with her motorcycle-riding friends. View Guest page

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Keli Piscopo

Keli Piscopo has many talents and uses natural healing practices and tools consisting of crystals, plants, earth and feathers for healing and rituals throughout the year. A passion for children, she hopes to facilitate the movement toward holistic education. Keli uses her abilities and energy in many Metaphysical Modalities including working with Rainbow and Crystal Children. She is currently working toward her new degree in Special Education. Keli teaches classes on metaphysical healing and has workshops on crystals, meditation, subtle energy manipulation, family oriented rituals and is an Ordained Minister. She worked in the medical field for over 20 years in both holistic and allopathic modalities. Her scope of practice includes immunology, oncology, naturopathy, and Chinese medicine. Keli has been privileged to work with some of the most foremost doctors in their fields of expertise. Keli is a talented, outspoken advocate for children and many groups of diversity. View Guest page

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Rose-Ellen is a gifted Spiritual Healer. She is a graduate of a psychic school in San Francisco,CA and a State certified Spiritual Healer. It is one thing to look at yourself and understand why things are happening or not happening in your life; it is quite another to be able to take the necessary steps to change. Rose-Ellen assists people to release negative imprinting that prevents them from attaining what they desire.

Chakra balancing and aura cleansing are both very effective healing treatments that raise your energy vibration. These are effective ways to release limiting thought patterns and replace them with new empowering beliefs. Rose-Ellen acts as a facilitator for the releasing work. She can do this work either in person or remotely, since she is working on the spiritual body, not the physical body. Her motto is: Make Way for Miracles!

She works both in person and remotely As always, Make way for Miracles! View Guest page

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Amy Serafin

Amy Serafin is the President of Media Shark and the editor of Don’t Get Married, Get A Five Year Contract. She is also the Associate Artist Director of Arizona Actors Academy and an award winning actor, writer and director. She has attended the University of Arizona and has trained in acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. View Guest page

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Clay Villanueva

Clay Villanueva has been in and out of various cultures since his childhood. Beginning is the Caribbean, then Venezuela. Later in life traveling to Australia, Asia and Europe. He served in the US Navy for 7 years which enabled his discovery of Asia and Australia. Through many different cultures and several marriages, he began to turn his focus toward the “Bigger Picture” of why we are here and our relationships with others. Looking specifically at significant others. Being trained in technology also gave him insight into how we all have our own interpretations of common complex concepts yet often our interpretations have nothing in common. LOVE for example has a myriad of definitions. When he rediscovered the love of his life, who was from another culture, he felt inspired to write a book called “Instant Love Machine”. The book is a step by step guide to mastering LOVE relationships in 60 minutes or less with an introduction by the creator of the universe! View Guest page

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Andrew Zaplitny

Andrew Zaplitny is a Realtor (specializing in the NE Valley), a Life & Business Coach, and Integrative Health Practitioner. He is also the facilitator of the Greater Phoenix Area Polyamory Meetup group. Andrew holds a Degree in Finance with a Real Estate Concentration, and has completed post-Undergraduate and Graduate work in Technology, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources (HR), and Marketing at DePaul University in Chicago. Moreover, Andrew holds a number of certifications in Hypnotherapy, Coaching, and a number of energy work modalities through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), John Gray’s Mars Venus Coaching (MVC) organization, and more. View Guest page

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Laura Zaplitny

Laura Zaplitny is also a Real Estate Agent, Life Coach, and sought-after LMT and Integrative Health Practitioner (specializing in Polarity and Cranial), working with Andrew as Agents of HomeSmart, Co-Owners of InnerDiscoveries, and as Franchisees of MVC. Laura holds a double major in Finance & Management, a Post-Undergraduate Certification and a Master’s in HR. Additionally; she completed a 1000-hour Master Massage Practitioner program at SWIHA, and has also completed Coaching certifications there, and at MVC. View Guest page

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