Writing Your Way Through Transformation

April 1, 2015
Hosted by Mara Evenstar

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This week, we discuss the art of writing as a vehicle for many types of transformation. Guest Jeanne Ballew, book coach and owner of Edit Prose, shines a light on the long, challenging, sometimes terrifying, but ultimately exhilarating process of bringing a book to life. We will discuss the transformative power of this process on the writer and those close to the writer, the coach, the readers and ultimately the transformation of the idea itself that is trying to come alive in the world.

The Art of Transformation

The Art of Transformation

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Transformation is more than just change. It is a change so radical that a shift in identity or form occurs. Even positive transformation is unsettling. How can we become allies with this powerful force? How can we move through our transformations with less fear and more grace? How do we become the artists of our own transformation?

Often we perceive that change is happening to us, rather than from us. However there is an alternative way to experience change and transformation, and it is one that works with the natural patterns of our world. This alternative way of experiencing allows and empowers us to be artists and creators of our own lives.

Here, on The Art of Transformation, we playfully explore transformation from several dimensions. We search out the patterns and mechanics of transformation at work on our personal, cultural and institutional levels. This deepened understanding allows us to participate with change more fully in all aspects of our experience.

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Mara Evenstar

Mara Evenstar

I believe that within each of us is a drive toward wholeness and unitive experience. Personal, spiritual, and professional growth are different aspects of the same impulse, to actualize our full potential and experience our true selves. To support this I continue to learn, practice and teach transformative arts, which I have been doing for over 20 years.

As a consultant, my practice is supported by knowledge of the human condition through studies in psychology, religion and spirituality, anthropology, integral theory, organizational leadership, and the arts. I have a BA in Anthropology and a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, specializing in spiritual psychology and organizational development. I am working on my doctorate in organizational leadership and social transformation, studying directly with Jean Houston.

My practice is grounded in professional, real-world experience with research and development in education, business, and technology. In this arena, I have led high-performing teams, designed and built software systems and processes in support of furthering human knowledge.

My practice is also expressed through co-creating organizations, notably New Myth Works, where my partners and I design and deliver programs that support human awakening and potential. I was awarded the 2014 Soaring Phoenix award. “Your journey of hardship, perseverance, transformation and accomplishment are an inspiration!” That is the Art of Transformation in practice!

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Jeannie Ballew

Jeannie Ballew is the proud owner of Edit Prose, a team of coaches and editors who have helped hundreds of people write books and get them published. Writing a book is a long, challenging, sometimes terrifying, but ultimately exhilarating process. Having taught writing for nearly thirty years, Jeannie understands how important it is to take care of the writer and the writing to get both from the starting gate to the finish line. View Guest page

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Angela Barbash

Angela Barbash leverages her understanding of finance, passion for empowering people through knowledge, and ability to make connections between trends and implementation, to help build a future that works for everyone. Angela does this as the Founder of Reconsider, an impact economy research and development firm based in Ypsilanti, Michigan. With the support of the community in 2012, she and an advisory team then launched Revalue, a registered investment advisory firm, to serve values-driven investors, many of whom are interested in investing locally. Additionally, Ms. Barbash and several thought leaders in Metro Detroit came together to launch the Detroit Regional Chapter of the Social Enterprise Alliance to further develop the social enterprise sector in Michigan. View Guest page

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Leslie Blackburn

Leslie Blackburn, MS is a Sacred Sexual Healer & Transformational Guide - one of the leading authorities on sacred sexuality and tantra in the US. A former mechanical engineer specializing in quantum physics, and Ironman triathlete before her spiritual awakening, she has now worked with hundreds of clients individually, conducts workshops regularly (attended from as far away as Alberta and Australia), and has reached thousands with her inspirational presentations ranging from intimate groups to large speaking engagements. Her monthly radio program is one of the most listened-to on Body Mind Spirit Radio. She bridges the gap between sexuality and spirituality, covering tantra, consciousness, sexual anatomy and energetics, yoga, meditation, sacred geometry, and more. Leslie’s personal path and work has been the integration of the ever-unfolding feminine in body and psyche with masculine direction and purpose - Love in Action! More info, audio & video at MysterySchooloftheTempleArts.com View Guest page

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Cal Loo

Callan (Cal) Loo is a co-founder and Chief Intention Officer of Intentional Legacies, and he's an experienced, authentic, and creative participant in the journey of life. He's a certified celebrant through the In-Sight institute, an ordained non-denominational minister, a certified personal legacy coach, and a business legacy coach, Based on his own experiences with major life transitions he's passionate about helping others find peace, balance, and personal growth while navigating life's major transitions, and also about improving the way our society views and plans for our own deaths. An Ohio native, Cal graduated from the University of Toledo and then spent 23+ years in technical sales and marketing before acting on the strong urge to do something "closer to the heart" by founding Intentional Legacies. View Guest page

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Sandra Finkel

Sandra Finkel is a life coach and owner of Intentional Balance, a company dedicated to unlocking potential and cultivating flourishing lives through heart and wisdom based generative practices. Sandy has taught mindfulness meditation and mind/body practices for over 25 years. She coaches executives in various industries, and works with collegiate athletic teams on mental performance skills training. She is a principle consultant of Sirius Sense, an organizational consulting group, and previously directed Stress Management Services and the Executive Health Program for University of Michigan Cardiovascular Medicine. She has been a guest lecturer in U of M’s Medical School and the Ross School of Business. Her collaboration with Barbara Fredrickson, PhD, researching the effects of loving-kindness meditation, was published in JPSP. Sandy is co-founder of Jewel Heart Buddhist Center and has a Master’s in Public Health from University of Michigan View Guest page

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Shel Kimen

For 18 years, Ms. Kimen has helped organizations find new ways to learn about and engage people and culture. She’s worked across industries creating campaigns, products, and services for world-class brands like The New York Times and JC Penney. She holds a BA in Human Environment and Design from Michigan State and post-graduate work in Economic History at The New School in New York City. Her current work, Collision Works, is a hybrid profit / non-profit social enterprise in Detroit, designed to connect people through their personal stories. She has been featured in local, national, and international press for her pilot program “First Container,” a shipping container converted into a beautiful and engaging community space in Detroit’s Eastern Market. She speaks on topics such as urban resilience, community-first design, architecture and entrepreneurialism. Shel believes more than anything that we all have something valuable to contribute and has made it her mission to cultivate that. View Guest page

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Dr. Peggy Liggit

Peggy Liggit is Director of the B.K. Nelson Faculty Development Center (FDC) at Eastern Michigan University. She has a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology and an undergraduate degree in biology with certifications in secondary biology and chemistry education. Peggy has been on EMU's campus for seventeen years, serving three years in the FDC, three years as Director of Academic Assessment, and eleven years as a professor in the Department of Biology teaching and conducting research in science education. Her research focus now includes professional development in learner-centered teaching and coaching in higher ed., appreciative inquiry, organizational learning, brain-based learning, and finding and fixing misconceptions through embedded assessment. View Guest page

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Barry Lipscomb

I am an impact-focused operations and finance executive passionate about creating a more sustainable, aware and responsible business culture. My greatest professional joy has been creating collaborative teams that maximize performance and profitability while balancing organizational effectiveness with individual fulfillment.

My recent work at Reconsider, a start-up consulting firm providing investment readiness and CFO/COO services to social enterprises, included local investing and crowd funding initiatives. During this time, I co-authored Focalizing Dynamic Links, a means for collectively engaging in organizations.

I am interested in emerging organizational structures such as those described by Frederic Laloux in his book, Reinventing Organizations (including Holacracy). I believe multi-dimensional accounting and management reporting is needed to unlock the potential in our organizations, enabling these new structures. Ask me about my social enterprise management dashboard. View Guest page

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Rich Sheridan

From kid programmer in 1971 to Forbes cover story in 2003, Joy, Inc. author Richard Sheridan (U-M BS Computer Science '80, MS Computer Engineering '82) has never shied from challenges, opportunities, or the limelight. While his focus has always been on technology, his passion is process, teamwork, and organizational design, with one inordinately popular goal: the Business Value of Joy! Sheridan is an avid reader and historian, and his software design and development team at Menlo Innovations didn't invent a new culture, but copied an old one ... Edison's Menlo Park New Jersey lab.

Some call it agile, some call it lean … Sheridan calls it joyful. And it produces results, business and otherwise. Six Inc. magazine revenue growth awards, invitations to the White House, speaking engagements around the world, numerous articles and culture awards, and so much interest have led to a tour a day of the Menlo Software Factory™. View Guest page

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Sura is an Executive Coach, Meditation Teacher & Author who also utilizes media as a means of raising consciousness. Prior to a transformative event, Sura worked on Wall Street as VP of Institutional Sales at Buckingham Research. She had started her finance career at Goldman Sachs and later helped manage a $12 billion dollar tech fund at Munder Capital. Sura currently works individually with leadership clients and hosts Executive Retreats at Meditation Mount in Ojai, CA. She leads online trainings for Integrative Leadership Coaches that integrate coaching, meditation and healing. She previously taught yoga & meditation at a Cancer Center in Ann Arbor, and at Exhale in Los Angeles, with well-known teachers, Shiva Rea & Erich Schiffman. Sura’s approach is direct and simple. Her meditation approach is universal and she enjoys integrating meditation together with coaching. She is an ambassador for meditation.com and feels passionate about sharing meditation with the world. View Guest page

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Tamara Sutton

Tamara Sutton has been a Grief Coach and Life Coach since 2004, she is Author of Demetrius, My Gift of Life: a Mothers Journal surrounding the death of her son and her personal mission to use her experience to expand her value and understanding of Life and Love.

Tamara has since become inspired to meet life head on herself and to encourage her audience to do the same rather than playing our lives small and “safe”, to instead live the life we choose to create.

In the past 18 months, Tamara has entirely changed her priorities, surroundings, her personal menu and her potential for Joy. She traveled the world, carried few possessions along, became free of opinion and judgement, while finding contentment and happiness. View Guest page

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Austin Szelkowski

Here’s a big little story. An eccentric boy is raised by a kind pastor and his wife in a small town in the Midwest. As a young man, he grows to reject the norms of society. As a result, he sets out on his own adventure into the unknown, wandering for years in the deserts of uncertainty. During his wandering, he endures many trials and completes many quests. His quests include rollerblading across America and building two successful marketing companies. Because of the skate across America, he is recognized by General Motors Institute as the 2011 Young Alumnus of the Year. Even after receiving this award, however, the young man continues to struggle with excessive rebellion and distrust toward society and relationships. Eventually, the young man is brought to his knees by an enlightenment that completely transforms him. He is given a mission to unleash new energies into the world (a New Renaissance). Work on his mission began in Ann Arbor, MI in early 2015. Stay tuned! View Guest page

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