Rivers In The Sky

November 3, 2015
Hosted by Jacque Chapman

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Ever heard of a flying river? I had no idea that trees did this! Check out this little passage from the NY times article.
"A fully grown tree releases 1,000 liters of water vapor a day into the atmosphere: The entire Amazon rain forest sends up 20 billion tons (of water) a day. The water vapor creates clouds, which are seeded with volatile gases like terpenes and isoprene, emitted by the trees naturally, to form rain. These water-rich banks of clouds travel long, wind-driven distances, a conveyor belt for the delivery of precipitation that scientists call flying rivers. The sky-borne river over the Amazon carries more water than the Amazon River itself." Here's the link for the article: http://nyti.ms/1PGTmde If you read this and thought, 'I knew that', What else do you know? What keeps you going back to a definable and recognizable past when there's so much more to explore! What else is possible that we've never considered before?

Conscious Life and Living with Jacque Chapman

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What if you created your body to be the ultimate physical expression of you the infinite being? Have ever considered you are greater than anything you could ever imagine? What if somewhere down inside you KNOW that you know? This episode is about connecting you with your body, nature, the earth, the plants, and the animals through what truly connects us all. Have you ever noticed that you, being happy is an energy that changes everything and everyone around you? The kindness and caring and nurturing you are for you is a reflection into every aspect of your life.

When you connect with a puppy or a kitten do you melt? They have a joy that is irresistible. What if irresistible joy was a part of your everyday life?

Jacque Chapman

Jacque Chapman, CFMW is an international facilitator, writer, successful business owner and entrepreneur. Through her interest in natural healing and her love of horses, Jacque had an intensive and spontaneous “Mastery University.” For many years, Jacque took in rehab horses that several vets choose to euthanize. It was here, in this space, that the horses became her greatest teachers for learning the art of “Being.” Through this, she was gifted awarenesses, insights, many modalities and tools as every horse created the need to learn more. The constant question of “What else is possible?” introduced her to the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness. As a certified facilitator for Access Consciousness(r) and a Master Rapid Eye Technician, she offers a unique blend of pragmatic wisdom and candid awareness that is the invitation to greater choice and possibility for the body and the being. All of life comes to us with Ease, and Joy, and Glory!

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