Inside, Outside, Upside Down

November 9, 2015
Hosted by Shahmeen Sadiq, PCC

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Are you like me? I'm so good at talking about what I'm up to from the "inside", but I struggle sometimes to talk about it in an "outside" way. To put this in sales terms, I know the features of what I'm offering and can talk about this all day long, but when it comes to the benefits, there isn't as much flow. As my practice evolves to serve more and more people on a global scale, it is imperative that I learn to frame my offer in terms of "what's in it for my clients". Join me today and learn about what is in the works at Anjali Leadership, and help me turn this upside down so that you and others like you can put this into service for your own success.

Stories from the Heart of Leadership

Stories from the Heart of Leadership

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Over my years as a leadership consultant and executive coach, I’ve been fascinated by the stories that lie underneath the surface of our human façade. I’m noticing a theme: We think we are alone in our experience and we have learned that it’s not OK to talk about it.

Things happen in life: wonderful, terrible and sad things. It appears safer, especially at work, to put a neutral face on it all and carry on. Better to look like we have it all together than to let them see the joy, shame or dread we might be feeling on the inside.

My hope is for us to become more resilient and effective by connecting at the level of our shared humanity. When someone courageously gives voice to their yearning, fear or uncertainty, the potential for creating extraordinary results at work, at home and elsewhere is exponentially increased.

Learn more about this, how it works and how you can put it into service in your life.

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Shahmeen Sadiq, PCC

Shahmeen Sadiq, PCC

Shahmeen Sadiq is the CEO of Anjali Leadership Inc., a company that has been serving organizational leaders since 2005. She serves as Executive Education Program Faculty and Executive Coach for the University of Notre Dame and as a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach with The Full Circle Group. As a Master Facilitator with The Leadership Circle(tm), she teaches and mentors leadership development professionals.

Shahmeen is passionate about supporting her clients to create sustainable business performance with ease, grace and elegance. She engages them in deeper conversations about what really matters and the passion that underlies their commitment. She is renowned for her fiercely loving authenticity and her ability to help leaders uncover and, if required, change the stories they are telling about themselves, others and how things work, so they can become more purposeful, inspiring and effective.

A graduate of the coach certification program of the Coaches Training Institute and the ORSC program of CRR Global, Shahmeen was honored in 2009 by the International Coach Federation with a Prism Award for leadership culture change with a not-for-profit organization.

Shahmeen is committed to raising her two children mindfully and intentionally. She has an adventurous spirit and spent a good part of her life enjoying and teaching the sport of skydiving, is passionate about the art of Egyptian dance, and enjoys running in her hometown of Toronto, Canada.

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