Are you a Crazy Possible Unicorn CEO? with Cory Michelle

April 6, 2016
Hosted by Grace Hart

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Are you magical?
Do you believe in Unicorns?
Are you willing to be the magical CEO of your own reality?
Are you willing to create your life?

A Space of Being

A Space of Being

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Would you like to have fun while creating magical possibilities in your world where anything and everything is possible? In A Space of Being, Grace Hart invites you to join her and other beautiful beings across the globe who know that something greater is possible.

Grace combines her psychic abilities and the magical tools of Access Consciousness in a unique way. Her potencies with energy, her unexpected perspectives and insights and her magical reframes are expansive and empowering, co-creating with you greater possibilities in your life, and the world in a way that is refreshingly different, fast and fun.

Are you willing to create your life, relationships, work, finances and more with Ease, Joy and Glory from a space of infinite possibilities to actualize a totally different reality for you and our beautiful planet AND feel amazing in the process? Through A Space of Being consciousness catalyst Grace Hart and Planet Possibilities await you!

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Grace Hart

Grace Hart

Grace grew up in mainstream society, until one day a car accident in her late teens changed everything. She was rushed to hospital in a critical condition, with 48 broken bones. While in hospital Grace had a near death experience and woke up incredibly aware and potently psychic.

Grace can relate to the many challenges people face, she’s been “there and done that” with diverse life experiences and the associated highs and lows covering the full emotional spectrum. She has 3 children, 2 with disabilities. She’s been the wife of a senator, traveled the world, met many famous people, is currently a single mum, and knows what it’s like to struggle and experience intense physical pain.

Grace is an experienced clairvoyant medium, and has read for famous actors and politicians. While Grace was promoting her book 'The Peacemaker's Way', she was approached by the Dalai Lama's official bowl players, who gifted her with a set of their Tibetan singing bowls, opening up a new avenue for Grace of therapeutic sound. Grace then produced CDs of soothing, therapeutic, meditative music that is mesmerizing.

Grace has had an interesting life journey filled with many situations that led her to a point of seeking and a knowing that there HAD to be something greater than this. Through this questing Grace discovered the tools of Access Consciousness and that has propelled Grace forward into a life of infinite possibilities and will often be heard giggling HDIGABTT?

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