Plastic Surgery

May 4, 2016
Hosted by Ashley Black

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Episode Description

The good, the bad, and the ugly of today's most popular cosmetic surgeries

Billionaire HealthCare

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Billionaire HealthCare is geared towards the average person who wants to be healthy. Many “illnesses” are really just names given to symptoms and not the root cause. Many athletic limitations are not things that “just happen” as we age, but problems that can be improved and even prevented. In this show, Ashley will dive into these issues and enlighten you about what REALLY is going on with your body, and give you real life strategies to overcome your limitations. She believes that the knowledge of the living matrix, fascia, can completely change the HealthCare paradigm; that conventional healthcare and fitness DERAILED, and that her knowledge of the secrets of the rich and famous can get us back on track. You will take away instant strategies that you can begin to incorporate into your life immediately. The education and solutions discussed on Billionaire HealthCare will ease the question that we all ask ourselves,“Could I be better?” The answer is, “Yes you can, and here’s how!”

Ashley Black

For years, Ashley Black has managed the health of the world’s most powerful people, all the while raising three children. The rich and famous often gain access to health sciences and products ten to fifteen years before everyone else, which has been her motivation for creating Billionaire HealthCare. She wants to ensure her health revolution begins now for everyone.

Ashley is the pioneer of Fasciology(tm), a science that focuses on the little known but vital system of connective tissue in the body called fascia. She believes that, with the help of Fasciology(tm), everyone is capable of healing and advancing athletically. Her knowledge and solutions have positioned her to lead a health revolution with information and supporting products.

Ashley is stepping out from the shadows of movie sets, private jets and Pro Sport training rooms to bring real life body hacks to the mainstream. She is prepared to pull back the velvet ropes and teach you everything that you can do to improve yourself and your family physically.

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