What Our Dreams Are Telling Us

June 16, 2017
Hosted by Delanea Davis and Rita MacRae

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Where in your life do you need more insight on your Journey To Happiness? What pictures do you paint from the gifts of the night? We have a rich inner landscape that often goes untapped. Dreams are often messages from our heart and soul, providing us with value guidance if we tap in and listen. During this show, we will interview expert Dream Navigator and author Judith Dreyer. We’ll explore techniques for remembering and navigating through our nighttime dreams, our inspirations and capturing guidance that brings us deep into our Self. Dreams help us tap into the creativity and problem solving we seek.

Soul Sessions with Solstice

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We all came here with a purpose. What we value and honor at a soul level is already programmed into us before we were born. We have life lessons to learn and a soul family to reunite with as we travel upon our journey. Soul Sessions with Solstice will help explore where you are on your journey, and help you better understand the meaning behind each experience you have while you are here.

We will explore how to fine tune your internal compass so you can access the highest level of guidance that is already inside of you. Soul Sessions with Solstice blends together business, science & spirituality into a language that reaches people from all walks of life.

Quite simply, life is as easy or hard as you make it. We are the masters of our own fate. The more we can see where we create resistance in our lives and consciously decide to ALLOW versus RESIST, the happier our lives become overnight.

Delanea Davis and Rita MacRae

Delanea Davis and Rita MacRae co-own Solstice Strategy Partners, a progressive personal and professional wellness company. Delanea and Rita are a dynamic team in business. Their clients range from individuals who are looking for deeper meaning in life to CEOs who are ready to make radical changes in their businesses. It is the artful blending of their backgrounds that gives their clients such an expansive and clear view of how work life, home life and self-care all weave together.

Delanea leads the business side of Solstice. With advanced degrees in research and industrial psychology, she trains CEOs and management teams to become more aligned. She began her career working in legislative affairs and market research where she soon realized that most people fear change even when they know it is for the best. To become a better mentor and consultant, she then moved into organizational psychology and hypnosis to understand how the subconscious mind can be leveraged.

A nurse with expertise in psychology, Rita leads the clinical side of Solstice. She specializes in helping others understand their unique journey. As an intuitive medium, her sessions have a very profound and inspirational impact on others. Rita is a Reiki Master and an expert in 5-Path Hypnosis(r) which is a progressive therapy that allows individuals to experience deep forgiveness, acceptance and self-love. Rita is working on her first book, which will be out later this year.

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