Betsy  Thompson

Betsy Thompson

Betsy has a B.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. She worked for several Philadelphia radio stations and appeared in television commercials in Philadelphia and New York. After moving to California, Betsy struggled and nearly became homeless. After she recognized her tendency to blame everyone else for her problems, she decided to become accountable and began to recover. For the next eighteen years, Betsy was an Executive Assistant to an entertainment executive in the film industry. She retired in 2005 and now writes full time. Her passion is for communicating spiritual concepts. Her lessons have been about understanding how she faces herself wherever she goes. Betsy realized that each job and each person was an opportunity to know herself better rather than blaming others for her problems. In addition to LoveHuman, Betsy is the author of The What Happens If I…Book, Walking Through Illusion, The Mirror Theory, LoveParent and You Are What You Think. Visit: