Susan  Olesek

Susan Olesek

Born outside of Boston, Susan spent her formative years in Asia with occasional forays into places of extreme suffering like The Walled City of Hong Kong & the streets of Bombay. These experiences made deep impressions on her Enneagram Type 1, ideological heart. By the time she entered Occidental to study sociology, Susan’s resolve to somehow make a contribution to the world was embedded in who she was becoming. This determination percolated while she raised three boys & began to study the Enneagram, a process that took her deeply into her self and the great losses suffered in her own childhood. In 2009, Susan emerged hopeful & certified, full of ideals, & with just enough self-belief to accept the challenging invitation to teach the Enneagram to 100 inmates in a little prison in Texas. This decision changed the trajectory of her personal & professional life, forever. Susan delights in the unknown yet vast unfolding of the Enneagram Prison Project.