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10/27/2018 the-gloves-are-off-how-to-fight-right

The Gloves Are Off: How To Fight Right

Done Being Single
If you avoid conflict (or have too much of it in your relationships), if you have anger issues, or confuse rage for passion, then you better listen to this episode or we will kick your ass. Listen Now

8/24/2018 making-your-own-brand-ambassadors

Making Your Own Brand Ambassadors

The Brand Ambassadors
“Communication works for those who work at it.” ~ John Powell Most experts will tell you that there are no better cheerleaders for your brand than the people who help make and keep it a reality. Listen Now

8/21/2018 the-gift-of-leadership

The Gift of Leadership

Express Yourself!
Joven Hundal hosts a lively hour focused on leadership. He reads and dissects chapters on leadership from new book, Be the Star You Are! Millennials to Boomer as well as the first book in the series, Be the Star You Are! Listen Now

7/16/2018 how-effective-leaders-turn-disputes-into-positive-business-forces

How Effective Leaders Turn Disputes Into Positive Business Forces

The Career Confidante
Conflict creates all kinds of problems. It tears at the wellness of leaders and employees while costing tons of money. It does not have to be that way! Progressive leaders can standardize workplace conflict to help a diverse workforce have a positive framework, set of principles, and conflict resolution techniques that turn conflict into “proflict.” Listen Now

8/8/2018 the-conflict-healer

The Conflict Healer

The Movement with Shannon D. Hughes
We all have conflicts in our lives. Sometimes a lot of us are scared to deal with conflicts. Well what do you do when you when the conflicts that are in front of you are preventing you from living a much more productive life. Listen Now