Special Encore Presentation: Cornerstones to Spirituality - Part II

October 4, 2013
Hosted by Reverend Norma

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This week's lesson is the second half of Cornerstones to Spirituality. Tune in prepared for instruction, discussion, and advice on how to implement the principles inherent in these four cornerstones into our every day lives. Remember, mother Earth has sped up and we are also required to keep up with the leap in conscious evolution. Call into the show live with your comments and your questions at 1-866-472-5794

Spirituality – 101: The Missing College Course

Spirituality – 101: The Missing College Course

Archives Available on VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel

Spirituality 101 is about YOU – It is the course that was never offered in college. It provides information on how to put ancient wisdom teachings into practical daily living. It fosters inner/outer listening and self-empowerment. Have you ever wondered about the so-called mysteries of life and the human potential to know truth? Can you create from your spirit, and explore the world with all of your senses? If you need help on your spiritual journey, advice about relevant tools of transformation - this course is for you. Our guests are experts in the field of spirituality, folks who have journeyed on the road to joyful transformation. We offer new and simple ways of seeing through the lens of spirituality. Come participate with your questions and or comments. Spirituality 101 is the course you can’t afford to miss.

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Reverend Norma

Reverend Norma

Rev. Norma is a change agent, a recognized leader in the field of spiritual development/empowerment and an ordained minister. Her ministry is devoted to teaching people from all walks of life how to put spiritual principles into daily living. She has an active prison ministry in the Washington DC.
Her mission of raising humanity’s consciousness is currently being realized through Reprogram Your Life, (RYL) a woman headed business she founded and directs. RYL is pioneering the use of sound and toning in the fields of rehabilitation and substance abuse intervention.
Born in Guyana, South America and educated at the University of London she brings to her work on the planet the results of a thirty-three year spiritual journey which established her own spiritual identity. It endowed her with wisdom gained from a close walk with God, under the watchful eyes of seven spiritual teachers across three continents. Her universal perspective has emerged from a life changing Near Death Experience.
Under her maiden name of Jennings, she was awarded the “Linowes Leadership Award” for her work in community building in the Washington DC area and authored the book¬ "Touchstones To Remembering Your Spirit." Rev. Edwards’ work on the planet includes: “Sacred Circles,” “Rites of Passage” life changing spiritual retreats and substance abuse intervention. She is married to her twin flame, is the proud mother of five, grandmother of six and resides in Silver Spring, MD.

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Daniel Chesbro

Welcome back to the show Rev. Daniel Chesbro to talk about his book “The Order of Melchizedek,” a blueprint of where we are today with a road map for the future. Dan is a guide on the planet who combines sensitive intuitive abilities with a ministerial background, psychological training, and metaphysical knowledge to teach, guide and enhance the lives of those he encounters. For more information go to: www.SanctuaryOftheBeloved.com View Guest page

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Denise Lewis Christopher

This week’s hot topic is transitions. My guest Denise Lewis Christopher is a writer, inspirational speaker, and an expert on the subject of transitions. Her book – BETWEEN – Getting from Where You Are To Where you Want To Be is now available on bookshelves. Join us for lively, discussion and pointers on the road of practical spirituality. Go to www.lifetalk.biz for more information about this week’s guest. View Guest page

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Edna Frankel

Are you ready to create the bright, joyous future you deserve? Meet my guest, Edna Frankel she wants to share with us graceful ways to expand into the heightened energies of the millennium. Born in Cairo, Egypt, educated in the US - Edna is the author of the book “Circle of Grace” and a certified metaphysical practitioner. If you are at all serious about your spiritual growth then you cannot afford to miss this week’s interview. View Guest page

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Pierre Garreaud

Pierre Garreaud, a Peruvian Sound Healer, Shaman, Teacher and very talented inspirational singer. He works with Light, sound and sacred intent to clear blockages and bring harmony, balance and alignment at multiple levels. Pierre studied music at the Peruvian National Conservatory, and also learned from Don Agustin, the healing power of music and how the intent of the healer and the use of different sounds, instruments, frequencies and vibrations have the ability to shift consciousness. This is an opportunity to explore the dynamics of healing through the vibrations of Light and sound with an expert. Call into the show with your questions at: 1-866-472-5795. For more information on Pierre and his work, go to his website at: www.soundlighthealer.com View Guest page

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Olivia Quarless Goulbourne

About the Artist... Olivia Quarless Goulbourne A prolific writer, poet, and musician. Understanding the human experience and healing the wounded soul has been the consuming focus of her life and work. An intense student of human growth potential and a ten-year passage of initiation and healing empowers her life ministry to serve as a guide and spiritual coach assisting individuals seeking empowerment through self directed spiritual healing. As a healed survivor, she now thrives with keen insight into understanding and healing the blockages that hinder progress and happiness. She shares her maps for the healing work with individuals who are awake on their own journey using the program she developed called The Road to Peace Life Mediation Program. She is committed to serving as an instrument of light and a champion for peace striving to make the world more humane and a place harmonious co-existence. View Guest page

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Carl J. Hampton

Dr. Carl J. Hampton is a results-oriented human service professional with 25 years of experience in clinical service delivery. His specialty is the integration of spiritual orientation into clinical practice. He has worked in community-based programs, institutional and private environments. He is also a provider of services in program systems development. Dr. Hampton brings to his work on the planet the results of his own unique spiritual journey that has inspired the professional integration of the two disciples of psychology and spirituality. View Guest page

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Cynthia Hawkins

My guest this week is an extra-ordinary person, She’s walking that spiritual rhythm we talk about so often in this course. Cynthia Hawkins is a teacher, a graduate of The Light and Living Series, a people person whose journey on the path of enlightenment has been a shining example to others. She is also a gifted massage therapist and a cancer survivor. Like me, you’ll be inspired by her story, enlightened by her faith and amazed by her courage. Call into the show live at: 1-866-472-5794. View Guest page

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Andrew Higgins

This week’s guest is a Reprogram Your Life facilitator, a Track and Field Athlete, sports coach and an expert in the field of rhythm, timing and spirituality. Andrew will share with us his knowledge of the rhythm and physiology of the physical body that houses the intelligence of the brain and the patterns of the mind. He also has much to say on the subject of focus, and its role in achieving success and consciousness. View Guest page

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Karla Kincaid

Ever wondered what’s in the way of uncovering your life’s purpose? My guest Karla may well have vital information for you. She specializes in the release of old belief systems that keep us from moving forward and knowing our life’s purpose. “Our biology,” she says “holds key information for healing as well as information regarding the universe.” Karla is an extraordinary healer/teacher who is also highly intuitive. She founded The Center of Consciousness in Virginia, where a team of dedicated practitioners offer tools of transformation, promote authentic living and teach their clients how to heal themselves. To learn more about Karla’s work and the mission and focus of the Center go to: www.thecenterofconsciousness.com View Guest page

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Hollis Lashley

Let’s celebrate is the invitation that Hollis Lashley sends to us in an upbeat, optimistic, selection of literary meditations. Hollis returns to Spirituality 101 to bless us with excerpts from “Gifts from the Heart.” There is a spirituality that infuses the whole volume. The collection is dedicated to all those in the universe whose hearts continue to beat in spite of their differing places of worship of the One Spirit of Truth. Acceptance is the terminus of his journey and he invites us to join him there. For more information visit the author’s website at: www.HollisLashley.com Call into the show live with your comments and/or questions at: 1-866-472-5794. View Guest page

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Jill Mara

My guest this week is Jill Mara, author of the book “Keys to Soul Evolution.” She has a wealth of information for us. Jill invites us to “tune in,” raise our vibrations, clear away the layers of ego that hold us back and receive the keys to our next spiritual octave. She is a pure “channel” who has dedicated her life to channeling and sharing information to promote the spiritual growth of humanity. For more background information visit www.simion7d.com View Guest page

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Taera Meyer-Robson

Are you interested in learning more about healing and spiritual transformation? Ever wondered why some areas of your life flow effortlessly while others are extremely difficult? My guest this week has a unique perspective on healing. Come meet Tara Meyer-Robson, Life Coach, Talk Show Host and award winning author of “The Flow – 40 Days to Total Transformation.” Tara will introduce us to “The Flow” and open our awareness to the critical links between thoughts, feelings, experience and health. View Guest page

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Dick Rauscher

My guest this week is Dick Rauscher. He’s an ordained Elder, a Fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors in private practice, a Life Coach, and Writer/Editor of the Stonyhill-Nuggets Newsletter with much to say on the subject of 21st Century Spirituality. Dick believes that until we learn to embrace a more enlightened observing ego consciousness, our primitive ego will continue to create unhappiness for ourselves and others, it will continue to use black-and-white thinking to create judgment and conflict in our relationships with others, and most importantly, regardless of our religious beliefs, it will keep us from growing and evolving. Join me for a lively and informative interview with an expert on this week’s topic. To learn more about Dick’s work on the planet go to: www.stonyhill.com Remember, call us toll free with your questions at: 1-866-472-5795. View Guest page

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Kate Silberberg

Let’s talk about spirit and the tapestry of women’s spirituality that stretches beyond the confines of race, color, creed, and culture. Kate Silberberg is the co-founder of “The Mesa Creative Arts Center,” coach, healer and facilitator of Women’s Circles. For more information on the work of the Center go to www.mesacreativearts.com and call into the show live with your comments and your questions. View Guest page

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Sandy Stewart

Introducing Sandy Stewart - Sound Healing Facilitator/Teacher, specialist in the healing properties of crystals. Come enter the magical world of crystals with an expert who knows her subject. This social worker, with over thirty years of experience, embarked upon a path of service and founded The Crystal Centre in Ontario, Canada. The Centre offers Crystal Practitioner training, crystal teachings, and sound healings utilizing sacred instruments. You’ll find Sandy to be a refreshing storehouse of knowledge. For more information go to www.SoundCentres.com View Guest page

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Betsy Thompson

Meet Betsy Thompson, author, teacher and transformational coach. Betsy will talk with Rev. Norma about her newly released book “Walking through Illusions” a collection of stories that provide simple, yet profound wisdom that everyone can understand. Join me for an interview that may well change your perspective and give food for thought. For more information go to: www.betsythompson.com View Guest page

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