The Art and Ethics of Spell Craft

April 2, 2012
Hosted by Suzy Peltier, also known as Lady Red Hawk

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Episode Description

The minute you come out of the broom closet someone asks you: “Can you do a love spell?” Often “spells” are the first association with Witchcraft. So, “What is a spell?” There are all kinds of spells: Moon Magick, Candle Magick, Knot Magick, Herbal Magick, but why do a spell at all? And --when wouldn’t you do one?” In this show Lady Red Hawk will explore the art and essential ethics of casting powerful spells “for the highest good of all harming none.” To prepare for the show or to continue your studies go to the notes section of to obtain a free suggested reading list if you want to learn more about spells and Witchcraft. Then tune into “Spiritually Speaking: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs” next Monday, April 2 at 2pmPST and 5PM EST for a lively, fun and educational conversation. Join in the conversation by advance emailing your questions to or call into the show and speak to us LIVE at 1-866-472-5795.

Spiritually Speaking: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs

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The intention of “Spiritually Speaking: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs” is to introduce wholistic principles and to explore alternative spiritual perspectives such as Wicca, Paganism and Shamanism. It will educate, inform and enrich you as to the real practical value of Wicca as an earth-based spirituality that helps people with practical tools for introspection, self-cultivation and social action. This show will also debunk the bad press and false negative perspective that Wicca has anything to do with the devil -it does not. In this show Lady Red Hawk will interview Wiccan and Pagan leaders, teachers and writers, take questions from listeners as well as present her personal perspective on this spirituality in its rich diversity and creativity.

Suzy Peltier, also known as Lady Red Hawk

Suzy Peltier aka Lady Red Hawk has served the Goddess and the principle of wholism (holism) for over twenty years as a Third Degree Wiccan Priestess, Reiki Master Teacher, Massage Therapist, and Hypnotherapist. She is also a Reverend with the Universal Life Church. She does Interfaith work, Hospice and full clergy services. With a background in medical anthropology, Suzy has been pursuing a burning question: “How is ritual used for healing?” Nearly twenty years ago she established Dragon Spirit Taoist Wiccan Circle, which continues to grow with practitioners and circles across the U.S and as far as Ireland, France and Peru. From this experience was born the vision and "new tradition" of Taoist Wicca and the upcoming book entitled: "The Wisdom of the Seasons: A Guide to Wicca, the Chakras and the Tao."

Lady Red Hawk has frequently presented her system of Taoist Wicca as a workshop at the annual Pagan and Wiccan Conference called “Pantheacon” Hosted by Ancient Ways. She has also produced a number of informative videos about Wicca that can be seen on her Suzy Peltier YouTube channel and on her Facebook Taoist Wicca Page.

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