Around the World in a Glass

October 16, 2013
Hosted by Kimber Stonehouse

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Around the World in a Glass

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Around the World in a Glass explores the wine and alcohol beverage regions of the world. We focus on a region, grape or style, and answer questions such as what makes it so special, where it is, what style of wine or beverage produced, and how to understand the labels. Our winery and regional guests talk about their wines and regions, we discuss specific wines from that region, and take part in tasting wines from there. In addition, we'll answer your questions, discuss stemware, wine and food pairings, places to eat, and tours or features. Some of the regions we'll explore are Champagne, Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Burgundy, Loire, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Rhone, and many more. We’ll also feature other beverages besides wine, including Single Malt Scotch, Well Aged Rum, Gin, Tequila, Mescal, Cognac, Vodka and more regional and style explorations.

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Kimber Stonehouse

Kimber Stonehouse is the Director of Operations at Sportsman’s Fine Wine and Spirits, Arizona’s privately owned, premiere wine and spirits shop. Kimber loves the nuances of food and wine pairings, and has a fondness for Single Malt Scotch and well-aged Rum, in addition to other tasty beverages. Kimber believes that Champagne, and bubbles in general, go with all foods and should not be limited to celebrations or special occasions. Kimber is a Certified Specialist of Wine, an expert on crafting cocktails, and has written several industry articles, including “How to Host a Beer Tasting” and “What’s so Special about Bubbles and Champagne.” Kimber was selected by the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation to Australia to explore their wine regions. In her current role at Sportsman’s, Kimber continually attends wine and spirits classes and tastings and is responsible for the food menu and wine list changes. These changes require staying current on new wines, balancing flavor profiles with price, quality and interest, and matching the food menu. Each week, Kimber will highlight wonderful wines, champagnes and cocktails, and will focus on the right food pairings to make every meal a delight.

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Brian Downey

Brian Downey, from Sportsman's Fine Wines & Spirits, is passionate about the food and wine industry; he has an uncanny ability to pair people and wine. Customers rave about Brian's service and assistance with wine selection and food pairings. His many accomplishments reflect his passion for the industry. He is a Certified Specialist of Wine and a Certified Specialist of Spirits from the Society of Wine Educators. He attended Scottsdale Culinary School, and has over 20 years experience in the restaurant industry, in the kitchen, behind the bar, and in service. His palate and personality have him teaching private classes, managing cellar inventories and appraisals when he's not working at Sportsman's. As an avid Napa Valley aficionado, he assists in booking trips with car services, hotels, restaurants, and winery tours. His enthusiasm brings an awesome addition to Around the World in Glass. If you have a question for Brian, please email it to View Guest page

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Jillian Jones

Jillian Jones is a Certified Specialist of Wine and has worked for Sportsman’s Fine Wines for several years. Her experience in the Food & Beverage industry includes family dining, fine dining and bartending. Her passion for wine was sparked organically with her immersion into the fine dining atmosphere, where wine served with dinner is shrouded in fanfare. However, it wasn’t until she started working at Sportsman’s that she realized how fascinated she was by wine. Surrounded by like-minded people who brought with them decades of experience in the wine and gourmet industries, she has delved into it. She has spent the last several years tasting and studying all the varieties of wines the world has to offer. Lending her knowledge of wine to customers of a wide variety, it is her pleasure to share her passion for wine and all that the wine industry encompasses with everyone she meets. Nothing makes her happier than to be with people who appreciate a good bottle of wine with a good meal. View Guest page

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