Ageless Living Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014
Hosted by Tong Li and Kurt Wilhelm

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Ageless Living

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Ageless Living- Life is beautiful. Make the most of it. Through 30 years of studying and practicing medicine, and through her own life journey, Dr. Li has searched for and found the best pathways to health and happiness. Who you are currently is a result of the choices you have made, and who you will become is based on the choices you make from here. You CAN choose begin today, to lead a healthy, happy, and beautiful life long term if you just become informed regarding the RIGHT health choices to make. Are you aware that across the globe, though beauty is defined in different ways, the one common factor in ALL cultures for beauty is that you LOOK healthy? So, starving doesn’t equal beauty either. And migraines DO have a cure! What is it? Listen to our show and find out!

Tong Li and Kurt Wilhelm

Dr. Tong Li began her career in medicine in China, where she began medical school at age 15. Since then, she has practiced medicine in both China and the United States. She has spent the second half of her life in Western Medicine where she became board certified in Anesthesiology in the USA, completing her post-graduate training at the University of Arizona. Dr. Tong Li studied Traditional Chinese Medicine as part of the curriculum at medical school in China. From her dual medicinal pursuits, she has learned the importance and powerful impact that Eastern medicine can have on a person’s mind and body.

Her switch to incorporating Eastern medicine came when she accidentally sprained her ankle, and opted to use acupuncture to heal her ankle, instead of using ice and Ibuprofen, the usual choice. Half an hour later, her pain was completely gone! It had simply evaporated! This stunning experience sparked her interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has since led her to have a positive impact on many lives on both sides of the globe in truly life changing ways.

In 2006, partnered with Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jose Robledo, she founded a med-spa to incorporate beauty treatment and a Holistic (acupunctural) approach to medicine. She has enjoyed her personal journey of beauty and health, and loves sharing her life changing message.

Kurt Wilhelm is the founder and President of the multifaceted and cutting edge company, The Social Universe, which oversees approximately 200 social media companies in order to deliver the comprehensive best practices within the social media to its clients. Kurt is the V.P. of Business Development for, which has nearly 30 million consumers and 28 million businesses within its social media platform. He is the president of the U.S. based, but internationally located, Local Business Network and Global Business Network. Kurt has personally given over 17,000 referrals to his referral partners within the last 17 years, and the quality of his referrals is made public online, where he maintains a 97% quality referral rating. He is the author of How to Save 15 Years of Your Life While Professionally Networking, which helps others learn not only how to give quality referrals, but also how to select referral partners that return referrals in kind. Kurt’s past accomplishments include serving as a National Sales Director where he increased national sales during his leadership over 400% in a 4 year period, and as the CEO of Innovative Strategic Development, which emphasizes cost consulting strategies for small and large businesses. Kurt sits on the international board of Global Life Charities, which specializes in improving the plight of the working poor and jobless both in the USA and abroad. Kurt led the charge to raise the funds to feed 16,000 meals to the homeless.

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