The Sacred Circle Part 3; The 4 directions and Clans

November 27, 2013
Hosted by Patricia Nelson and Bryce Korzenowski

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All of life is a circle, everything in life is circular, everything has a meaning and the meanings can show us the circles in our own lives. The circle can help us discover how we are affected emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually through Natural and Cosmological Laws. For part 3 we will be looking the Clans and the 4 directions north south east west. Clans are family groups and we all belong to one family group and intrinsically we have inherited characteristics of a clan. Find out what clan you belong to and how the 4 directions relate to how we live. We will be in Hawaii this day working the live show.

Illuminating You

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By reaching out through talk radio we can help heal by using our skills of relaying messages needed for healing, by our fun and creative approach with you, each other, our guests and callers. The healing understanding and good feelings that you will have after listening to the show will change your life. By having topics such as The Sacred Circle Teachings, The Psychic/Medium, True and Real Healing, Coming back from the Dead, and Living as a part of Nature we can cover many answers that so many today have questions to. We welcome calls and e-mails to answer on the show because we know that one person’s question is many people’s question. We will have guest speakers to tell their personal stories of triumph over trauma.

Patricia Nelson and Bryce Korzenowski

We are Initiated Shamans, and we are here to help helpers of this world. We believe in Whole Being, which is why we have dedicated our lives to healing completely and to helping others heal completely. This means Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. Through life’s lessons and journeys we have the knowledge and wisdom to walk with each individual, presenting healing that fits everyone to their needs. We have taught many people through the use of healing circles, workshops, classrooms, and individual sessions.

So often in the first few minutes people will see something completely differently this gives to open hearts and open minds which makes growth. We tell our own stories to help people understand the teachings, working off of each other in a way that brings fun and levity to the stories. We learned with many great teachers, such as parents, grandparents, Cree Elders, Asian Monks, Peruvian Shamans, Montreal Shamans, the Creator, and our ancestors. We have received Advanced Life Coach diplomas, Personal Trainer certificates, Reiki Masters, Teachers and years of psychic and medium readings helping us to understand spirits message to help heal. We also work with businesses to help them get on the right track by helping everyone understand their roles within each business. By doing so, we help alleviate undue stresses and issues that arise from working with a dynamic work group.

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