Let’s Review, Integrate and Transform…

December 18, 2013
Hosted by Jon Robson

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Episode Description

This is the last show in this initial series of HEALING FROM WITHIN on Voice America Health and Wellness. For that reason in today’s show Jon will review the key points of the previous 13 shows and really bring the important lessons home for you. Jon will share with you another insightful transformative process you can begin to apply in your life right away and let you know what’s next for HEALING FROM WITHIN. Join us moving forwards and continue your inspired journey of transforming your health and healing from the inside out.

Healing from Within

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Modern medicine often fails in the long term because it’s designed to mask symptoms rather than to treat causes, operating under the premise that the body and mind are separate entities. Treating illness is approached from the outside in rather than the inside out. As a result, people rarely experience true healing, or a transformation from which the body emerges healthy, vibrant and alive. Throughout this program Jon will teach you to harness the synergistic healing power of your body and mind while discovering and dissolving the actual causes of your emotional and physical pain. Transform your life with this revolutionary new approach to health and well-being. Listen in to live call in sessions on topics such as migraines, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, body weight issues and experience interviews with luminaries in the field of integrative health and medicine.

Jon Robson

Jon is a licensed META-Health Master Practitioner, highly trained in the science of self-healing. Jon specializes in science-based healing methods, known as META-Health Analysis and META-Therapy, which aid in the prevention and treatment of symptoms ranging from migraines and chronic fatigue to metabolic and autoimmune disorders.

Since the sudden death of his mother from a stress-induced illness when he was 17, Jon has dedicated his life to understanding how stress triggers, life experiences, emotions and beliefs become expressed as symptoms and illnesses in the body and mind. Using his extensive education, training and experience, Jon works directly with clients to uncover the upstream, causal elements of symptoms and illnesses. With his one-of-a-kind transformative coaching techniques he then intuitively guides clients through the self-healing process.

Jon is also a META-Health Master Trainer, member of the Global Advisory Board for the International META-Medicine Association, a world silver medalist and three-time British Kung Fu champion. He is a graduate from the Concourse of Wisdom Institute in advanced transformative psychology methods trained in sports injury rehabilitation and nutrition.

Originally from south-east England, Jon currently resides in Golden, Colorado, USA.

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