Ten Keys to FREEDOM

February 27, 2014
Hosted by Marlynn Bourque

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Episode Description

If you have been living with any limitation, these keys are for you! They are ten pragmatic life tools that you can use to get total freedom. Originally these Keys were called the Ten Commandments, as a joke. Now they are called: THE TEN KEYS TO TOTAL FREEDOM.

JoyAwareness Radio

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JoyAwareness is inviting you to discover your joie de vivre. It is that zest for living, a buoyant enjoyment of life. JOY is what you already are. It is a lightness of being. Your AWARENESS allows you to access the joy that you are. Your capacity to be aware is your ticket to live happily, without all the lies, judgments, limitations and unconsciousness that you have been trained to function from. Kids have that vibrancy of living. Joy is a whisper of possibilities, choices, questions and contributions. We invite you to ride with joy through good and tough times. We will look at the value of hedonism, what is enlightenment, having true caring, how we attract magic when we are joyful. Explore the orgasmic joy of embodiment, the sexualness of being in your body. Come share the space of gratitude.

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Marlynn Bourque

Being a catalyst for change and empowering people with practical tools to transform is really exciting for Marlynn. She created JoyAwareness to contribute to a more enjoyable and conscious world. It is an invitation for you to realize that JOY is what you are. It is the lightness of being, and you can use your AWARENESS to access what you are. Always knowing that there are possibilities beyond what we have been led to believe, she has been willing to be different. For a quarter of a century, she ventured into the Northern Canadian majestic mountains with her family in an unusual alternative lifestyle. She discovered many enlightening readings, few events and meetings that transpired as cues inviting her to pursue a profession that would inspire change. She became certified as a Transformational Breath Facilitator and created “Awareness Coaching” to support the progress of her clients. She is now excited to be a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and to witness magical transformations in her clients, as well as for herself. After learning many different healing modalities, it is the tools and processes of access that has allowed her to discover a dynamic potency for transformation in bodies, beyond anything she could have imagined before. Through her radio show on VoiceAmerica, her blogging page on Empower Network and the different social media she utilizes, it is now the time to invite the world to what is true and magical.

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Olivia Francis

Even while hard at work in the windowless sound booth of the Smash Recording studios in Nashville, 17-year-old singer-songwriter and musician Olivia Frances shines with the sparkle of the morning sun reflecting on a crystal blue lake. The country/pop album she is recording captures her personality that is as bouncy as her beautiful curls and showcases a voice as welcoming and serene as a cool breeze on a hot day. While always bubbly and enthusiastic, Olivia is also very serious about every aspect of her musical gift. Her work ethic includes disciplined daily practice and writing new songs on various instruments such as the guitar, piano, and ukulele. In addition to recording, Olivia performs live at benefit concerts, at various coffee houses around the country, and in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio View Guest page

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Pam Houghteling

Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator Pam Houghteling’s target is to create more consciousness on the planet. Growing up Pam never fit in. She knew more was possible than what she saw people choosing. Embracing different healing modalities and spiritual traditions, Pam searched for the change she knew could be, but wasn’t seeing in the world. For 13 years Pam worked as a Clinical Social Worker and Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, but knew the difference being created wasn’t enough. In 2008, Pam was introduced to Access Consciousness®, where she found the tools to create what she’d always known was possible - true change and a different reality than the one she was born into. Using the Access tools, Pam began facilitating monthly tele calls for the earth, where people from around the world gather to run energy processes for the planet, clear points of view that limit what’s possible, and ask questions to facilitate change on the earth. Pam facilitates Access Consciousness® classes, is worldwide coordinator for Leaders Creating A Conscious World, and is best known for her Facilitating the Earth workshops and classes. View Guest page

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