Living the Life of Your Dreams: the Mental Attitude of Success.

April 1, 2014
Hosted by Dr. Maggie Luther

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It is often hard these days to find people who are truly chasing their dreams, and even fewer who are living them. Did you know that your state of mind determines your actions in your everyday life? Individuals, who more regularly believe they can achieve success, will in fact go on to achieve success. When you have an idea and believe in your idea or dream, you can move mountains. If however, you don’t have the mental stamina to back up your idea or dreams, they are nothing but that, ideas and dreams. How can you become stronger mentally to really live the life you are destined to live? On today’s show, Darrell Foster will be discussing his newly released book “Breathe: Your Choices Determine Your Success.” We will be discussing what it means to really live from a place of choice and perseverance, even when the odds may be stacked against you.

Reclaim Your Health

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Health is a journey, not a destination. Reclaim Your Health is about living a healthy life through empowered education. Rather than leaving your health to chance, take control of it by learning how to optimize your health one day at a time. Everyday you make decisions about your diet and lifestyle routine; such as the food you eat, the relationships you have, the places where you invest your time, energy and money. Ultimately these add to or take from your health. You must learn to live a proactive lifestyle to prevent disease! Listen to your body. True health is about becoming aware of what it takes to support yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. By supporting all aspects of your being, you can live a truly magnificent lifestyle. You will feel more connected to your life’s purpose. You become more accountable to yourself and your community. By understanding what it takes to be healthy, you find strengths within yourself to live the life you were born to live.

Dr. Maggie Luther

Dr. Maggie has had a love affair with health and natural medicine from a young age. She pursued a self-directed undergraduate degree in holistic health and sustainable development, connecting organic agricultural practices, local food economies, and holistic and herbal medicine. Dr. Maggie had the opportunity to live in Scotland, at the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual and eco-minded intentional community, experiencing firsthand what it is like to live in a community that cares for the earth in a very sustainable and natural way. Studying herbal medicine she learned how to grow natural medicine, and used herbs daily to show people how to enhance the healing abilities of food. Realizing that health is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, Dr. Maggie found her calling as a naturopathic doctor. Passionate about empowering people to live a healthier and more fulfilled life, she is helping them to see how intricately connected we all are with the world we live in. The health of the human species is a reflection of the health of the earth. We must become better caretakers of our own selves in order to make this earth a truly viable and magical home. Dr. Maggie reminds people that health is a journey not a destination. It is about making daily, health promoting habits that create health and wellness. Dr. Maggie supports the whole person in order to heal, and loves to help people find their true purpose, in the hopes that they will live a more connected and sustainable life.

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