Dr. Judith Answers your Questions

April 1, 2015
Hosted by Dr. Judith Long

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Episode Description

Tune in as Dr. Judith discusses your questions on a host of topics ranging from Ascension, Sacred Geometry, Healthy Choices for living a Healthy Life, Previous guest topics, Chakra Balancing, Inner Child Healing, Sound Healing and more. This will be a very interesting show.

The Eye of the Needle

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This time in our evolution is exceptionally important. It is calling us to live with authenticity, precision and purpose. Each one of us has come with a gift, something that only we can do in our own unique way.

Current planetary alignments, solar flares, Mother Earth’s adjustments and other phenomena are only encouraging us to ‘squeeze out’ all that is no longer serving us. We will then pass through the “Eye of the Needle” with ease and arrive in the Land of Enchantment and Joy to discover our true essence.

Join Dr. Judith Long on the empowering journey through “The Eye of the Needle”. Her highly evolved discussion topics and guests will help you remember who you really are, and inspire you to become all that you can be, no matter what it takes.

Dr. Judith Long

Host Dr. Judith Long is a renowned, internationally recognized counselor, Metaphysician, spiritual teacher and psychologist based in Sedona, Arizona. She is a senior teacher of Drunvalo Melchizedek's work, The School of Remembering, and facilitates Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshops.

She is an Alpha Brainwave Biofeedback trainer. Alpha training is a process that trains the individual to produce Alpha at will, forgive in high Alpha and stay young. Dr. Long is a practitioner of German New Medicine. She created a new Inner Child Core Transformation Intensive. Aureiah Chakra Essential Oils and meditation cds, available online and at select Whole Foods.

Her practice includes working with the misconceptions and authenticity of the inner child along with clearing, balancing and energizing the chakras. She offers meditation and classes and authored “Essence: Insights into the Energy of Homosexuality” (Joshua Books 2004) after working with many gay clients in Healing their Inner Child.

Dr. Long's Healthy Living Treatment Plan helped her and others heal from breast cancer. In addition, The Core Reversal is a therapeutic method she created to reverse our externally initiated self-imposed limiting programming.

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