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April 27, 2016
Hosted by JZ Bown

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Episode Description

JZ Bown explores the importance of self love, using the mind, and questioning as a part of the ascension journey as well as the importance of transcending and transforming fear, ego, and ignorance

Lighten Radio

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Lighten Radio is a wake-up call to transform and start emanating your brightest light NOW! It’s for those who hold the intention and hope of aligning with their own divine truth, so that living and expressing ones highest and fullest potential becomes their reality. Host JZ Bown not only shares experience and knowledge as a Health and Ascension Facilitator but channels transformative frequencies and witness changes in and for you. You may receive activations, alignment of energy systems, insight, emotional and mental clarity, hope and empowerment, as well as a closer connection to your own higher self and the divine.

JZ Bown

For JZ Bown all senses suddenly became heightened and an expansion of consciousness began in 2010 following a three year depression. This awakening was a shift in consciousness that went hand in hand with psychic insights and new perceptions of reality.

JZ Bown is a spark from a soul who is working on the fifth plane of existence assisting in the Earth’s ascension, this soul has had many lifetimes in the field of Health and Ascension and has also studied the human body and energy systems extensively between lifetimes. In this lifetime JZ Bown’s career and education began over twenty years ago with a near death experience and recovery from injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident. JZ Bown now has over a decade of clinical experience as a Registered (Licensed) Acupuncturist and over five years as a Medical Intuitive and ThetaHealer. Educational accomplishments include ThetaHealer Teacher, Esoteric Acupuncture, and a Doctor of TCM diploma.

JZ Bown is a Health and Ascension Facilitator, working on all the planes of existence and treating clients as multidimensional beings, providing tools and teachings to assist people in their personal and spiritual transformation and transcendence. Helping people to identify and push beyond their limitations and blocks to remember more of whom they are, express their authentic selves and receive the benefits of a more awakened state. When not working with others JZ Bown partakes in self development and care practices.

Toll Free: 1-888-346-9141
Intl: 001-480-553-5760

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