Are You an Empowered Fempreneur?

August 3, 2017
Hosted by Brandy T. Jones

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When it comes to running our lives and our businesses, we often excel in one area, and slack off in another. Being empowered means that we harness our inner power in all facets of our life...and those areas we need a boost in, we seek out the support and encouragement to grow. Join Brandy Jones and guest, Tracey Osborne, The Empowered Fempreneur and learn how you can reclaim your power!

Journey to Balancing Your Life

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On our show we guide you to break down your current limiting beliefs and create manageable shifts from scarcity to abundance in a step-by-step fashion. We encourage you to come out of your private struggle by reinforcing the message that you are not alone. We all have our own challenges, and by working together we create a network of support and assistance to make that first big step in claiming our financial and personal worth. You can become the GPS of your own financial world and your life. By crafting the steps of your journey as an analogy to reading a map, we can reveal the tools to assess where you are, where you want to go and create a roadmap to get there.

Our hope is for you to become unstuck from your struggle, and find support, encouragement and educational guidance to be able to embrace the fullness of your life. If you are willing to let go of old structures and follow a new financial map, it will guide you to empowerment, abundance and freedom.

Brandy T. Jones

As an adult, I struggled with debt head-on, especially after my divorce. As a single mother, raising my daughter alone, we lived paycheck to paycheck from my day jobs. Although I was able to make ends meet, I didn’t really understand how to manage the money. I never felt I had enough. Providing for my daughter’s wants along with her needs proved to be the beginning of a life-long savings strategy. I always tried to reward her for doing a good job at school, helping around the house and such. I couldn’t always get her what she wanted, but one of things she really liked was going to McDonald’s. On one particular day, she ordered a Big Mac, large fries and large soda. I had $5 and the bill was $4.95.

I couldn’t afford to get myself anything to eat after getting her what she wanted, so I lied and told her I wasn’t hungry. That story resurfaced years later when I was going through my wallet and I saw several $5 bills. They triggered the memory of the story of being at McDonald’s with my daughter and my only having $5 to spend. From that very moment I began putting away every $5 bill that came my way. It’s a reminder I always have money. It says I always have something to hold on to.

Why a $5 bill? A $5 bill is rare, in that they don’t come around that often. When you get one, treat it like a jewel. I have helped dozens of people redirect their financial flow and in so doing have changed the course of their lives.

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