The -Not So- Looming Stock Market Crash

March 23, 2017
Hosted by Mark Vickery and Mitch Zacks

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Many investors are fearful of the next market crash. When will it happen? How big will it be? Will my retirement savings be at stake? Learn more by listening to our podcast.

The Steady Investor

The Steady Investor

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With 73 percent of US consumers having less than $1,000 in their retirement plan, ZIM recognizes the need to help consumers begin to save more for retirement. The Steady Investor hosts Mark Vickery and Mitch Zacks each bring a different perspective, as they talk about financial and retirement topics that are on your mind, whether it is managing investments, stock market and current economic conditions or dealing with life’s curveballs.

Joining Mark and Mitch each week will industry experts and influencers that can translate what you need to know on the journey to retirement and provide advice that may be of great interest. It's never too early, or too late, to warm up your nest egg. No one's got your back when it comes to retirement savings. We will help you understand how to begin planning for retirement no matter what stage of life you are in.

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Mark Vickery and Mitch Zacks

Mark Vickery and Mitch Zacks

Mark Vickery is the Director of Research for as leading independent nvestment research firm in the country. Mark has hosted many radio shows, both online and terrestrial. Mark graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Mitch Zacks is the Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Zacks Investment Management and oversees investment research activities at the firm. Mitch has spent eighteen years researching, developing and managing quantitatively driven portfolio management strategies in the equity markets. Mitch used to write a finance column for the Chicago Sun-Times and has written two books on quantitative investment strategies. Mitch graduated cum laude from Yale University. He received his M.B.A with High Honors from the University of Chicago. As managing Director of Zacks Investment Management, Mitch oversees over $3.5 billion dollars in assets under management.

Mitch has been featured on multiple television and radio shows, as he is known as someone that understandings the market and what the underlying trends may be.

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David Bartosiak

David Bartosiak has over a decade of experience in the financial services industry. He has traded forex, futures, stocks and options. His unique brand of technical analysis known as “Bartosiastics” includes the “trend, trace, and trigger” technique to uncover short term trading opportunities. Mr. Bartosiak has a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Mathematical Economics from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he was awarded the Economics Faculty Award for his work on the immediate economic impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Prior to joining Zacks, Mr. Bartosiak worked for several broker dealers as a Financial Advisor and then a Stock Broker. Mr. Bartosiak is a frequent guest on popular business news TV channels such as Bloomberg TV. He’s also the host of a light-hearted, Millennial-minded series of videos called “Trending Stocks.” View Guest page

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John Blank

John earned his PhD in economics from MIT in 1995, and a B.A. with honors and distinction in Mathematics for the Social Sciences and Economics at Northwestern University in 1988. He taught macroeconomics for two years at MIT. While serving on the faculty for one year at the University of California-Santa Cruz, he taught undergraduate math and econ courses, and a master's level course in international trade and development. He has published investing and global economics articles in a number of Institutional Investor journals, in the Blackwell Companion to the Economics of Housing, and a book, Markets for Credit: The State of Play in 2005. View Guest page

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Steve Philip

Steve has a vast background in Wealth Management. Learn from Steve how this effects retirement planning. View Guest page

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Barry Wheeles

Barry has over 22 years of experience working with some of the largest investment companies and now is head of retail sales at Zacks Investment Management.
Barry has a CFP, a MBA from Baker University and a BSBA from University of Missouri. View Guest page

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